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Top reasons to pursue a vet career

Top vet career reasons

The gender balance in the vet profession has dramatically changed over the past 30 or 40 years. While women used to be very much in the minority, they now account for almost 60% of all vets registered with the UK’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This statistic is likely to increase even further with a growing number of female students registering for veterinary degree courses. For women who are animal lovers, veterinary medicine is one of the most rewarding careers. If you need more reasons to consider a vet career, check out this list.

1. Work with people

Becoming a vet is a good career for those who naturally are at ease with animals, but there’s also a people aspect. You should also be good at conversing with people because they are the guardians and lovers of the animals. They are the ones who will pay you to take care of their pets.

Every day in their working profession, vets need to interact with animal owners concerned about the welfare and safety of their animals. In such a role, it’s important for vets to accurately diagnose and treat animals and communicate with the pet owners to express what is going on with their pets in an empathetic and sensitive manner.

Vets have to deal with animal owners from all walks of life. These people deal with the stress of having a sick or injured pet. Therefore, if you are someone who loves animals and knows how to empathise with pet owners, consider a career as a vet.

2. Flexibility working as a locum

If you’re interested in becoming a vet but are not yet ready to work in a full-time position, you have an opportunity to work as a locum vet. Locum vets are professional vets who will temporarily fill in the role of a permanent staff member.

Many benefits come with taking in locum vet jobs. You can schedule your own break and plan work around family events with the opportunity to work extra hours to pay for a one-off cost, such as a car or a holiday. There’s nothing better than working as a locum to experience a new work environment or location if you want to take full control of your career as a vet.

One of the main reasons vet practices are hiring locum vets is that they are in desperate need of staff. As a locum vet, you provide invaluable service, and it’s the kind of responsibility you should not take lightly.

You will feel a sense of satisfaction after you manage to help a pet owner. For many vets, working as a locum is a wonderful way to achieve real career flexibility when needed, at different times of their life. A locum work schedule provides a flexible and manageable stream of income.

3. Vet career options

One of the reasons women should consider a career as a vet is the various career options available. You can tap on your veterinary background to take up a variety of roles from different organisations, such as feed companies, veterinary pharmaceutical companies, wildlife agencies, academic institutions, military, and laboratories.

Indeed, the vet industry is very broad. You can also choose to work in the animal health industry. In this industry, companies hire veterinarians to help them manufacture medicines for animals.

It’s the kind of job that involves research and sales. In particular, corporate vets can earn a lot of money while working during normal business hours. When pursuing a career as a vet, you do not need to limit yourself to the usual role of seeing patients every single day.

Alternatively, you might operate a mobile vet clinic to stay on the go. Vets can also take up jobs as teachers, which especially suits those who have a passion for teaching.

Within this instruction role, you are helping to prepare the next generation of vets for the profession. Usually, the vets who take up teaching careers have PhDs or have extensive experience in a certain area.

4. Get to work with animals

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest benefits of working as a vet is the opportunity to work with animals. For those who are animal lovers, it is a very rewarding experience.

Becoming a veterinarian gives you the knowledge and skills to treat cats, dogs, and animals, putting them on the road to recovery. This aspect is one of the most rewarding ones of the job since you can help a creature in bad condition with your abilities and skills. The thought that you are able to help relieve the suffering of animals who may have experienced traumatic injuries or are suffering illnesses like cat dementia is very fulfilling.

Being a vet means that different kinds of animals will surround you. One day, you might be working with small dogs. The next day, you may have to treat large horses or cows.

You could run into various challenges as well. But for someone who loves animals, all these scenarios will be worth it since you are following your passion and working in a job that aligns with your interests and values.

5. In a vet career, you will constantly develop

Veterinarians are naturally curious. They love to acquire new experiences and learn new things, which is a big advantage for this career path.

To remain competitive in their field, they have to stay on top of new techniques, technologies, and treatments as these things emerge. Therefore, working as a vet offers various development opportunities.

Remember that your education will not end after you have obtained your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. You will need to undergo continuing education for the entire duration of your career.

Specific requirements could vary depending on your place of practice, so make sure you know the expectations in your area. Either way, you will likely need to take some classes in person, which will help in your career development.

Aside from fulfilling continuing education requirements, vets may also be required to learn new skills to effectively serve your local community. For instance, you will have the opportunity to learn about treating ostriches at a time when many of the local farmers in your area are raising birds.

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