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6 things you need for a fun weekend away with friends

Planning a friends trip

If you and your friends need a break, a getaway for the group can be the perfect solution. Stepping away from your homes, work, personal obligations, and the mundane of your everyday life might be exactly what you and your buddies need to get out of a rut. The following guide explores some tips and ideas that can help you and your friends cultivate a fun, refreshing weekend away to remember for years to come.

1. Set dates in advance

If someone is missing from the weekend away, the whole group dynamic might be off. The best way to avoid this problem is to choose a weekend that works for everyone well in advance.

That might involve talking to work and booking off a Friday or Monday so that you have time to travel if you need it. This strategy might also involve making plans with your spouse or partner and organizing someone to watch the kids or the dog.

You might always want to start putting away a bit of money each paycheck to help alleviate the strain of spending extra money if you’re on a budget. Encourage your friends to do the same.

2. Book accommodation for the fun weekend away

While you’re setting your dates well in advance, why not also book your accommodation early? Doing so will help you save money and help ensure that you get your first pick.

Don’t just look at hotels, either. The world is filled with cottage rentals, Airbnb’s, and home rentals that end up costing you and your friends less, provide more privacy and can place you in a gorgeous setting.

Also, some friend groups love cooking together, so having access to a kitchen and things like a refrigerator can change up the dynamic of your getaway. It can also save you a bit of money too, as eating out for every meal can add up quickly.

Fun weekend away bonfire
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3. Figure out transport

Depending on where you’re planning on getting away, you might want to look into renting a vehicle. That’s especially true if the options your friend group has are either limited in regard to seating or storage or if your vehicle isn’t in good enough condition for a long road trip.

You might even want to get everyone together and splurge on the kind of vehicle you’ve all always wanted to drive. Take a moment to speak to local car dealers or rental locations about what’s available in your area.

If, for example, your trip is leaving from or arriving in San Diego, you might want to speak to the experts at Porsche San Diego who can give you an idea of what’s available to rent for the weekend. Just be sure that everyone who is planning on driving is comfortable with whatever vehicle you choose to rent.

4. Weekend away with friends: Plan the meals

When you’re with a group of people, meal planning is critical. Not only is there at least one person in your friend group who gets cranky when hungry, but the food is an integral part of joyful festivities with family and friends.

As well, some friend groups like to drink while on their weekend away and that means food is even more important because it’s what allows you to keep going if you start drinking early. Also, eating well the following day might keep you from suffering too much. You don’t want to waste any time away from hangovers or having moody, hungry conversations.

Plan out three solid meals each day, as well as fun snacks to keep up everyone’s energy levels while on the getaway. Of course, plan to take non-alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated as you chat for hours and do fun activities. Bring water, soda, juices, and any other favorite beverages.

Weekend away with friends
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5. Don’t plan out every moment

One of the major things that can kill the mood is to have an overplanned trip. You need to have space to wander down by the water, lounge on a back patio, or have long conversations over morning tea.

Of course, you can plan the trip around one or two things you’re interested in, like visiting a calming lake or attending a specific concert. But the point here is to allow plenty of space for spontaneous energy during the trip.

6. Have a backup idea for the fun weekend away

Weather can get crazy, and world events can result in mass cancellations of events or venues. So, make sure you pack a few things that can make the trip fun even if you’re stuck indoors in a hotel because of unforeseen events.

Yes, you can still have fun. Bring a pack of cards, a few board games, a Bluetooth speaker, and/or a laptop filled with the movies that you guys love.

The above tips can help you organize a fun weekend getaway for your friends. The goal is to set things up to cover everyone’s needs. Then the gang can just hang out, be themselves, and not have to worry.

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