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3 common signs you are approaching menopause

Approaching menopause

All women are different, and their physiology is not all the same. That means that they hit different milestones at different times of their life. Menopause is a good example. The transition typically sets in between the ages of 45 to 55. That’s a very wide range of time. But instead of thinking of a timeframe of when you think it will happen, think in terms of the signs. As you approach 45, you may already be seeing some common signs you are approaching menopause.

Or you could be past 50 and still not see menopause on the doorstep. Knowing the signs is important so you can prepare since many aspects of your life will change. Then you can start looking for things like a womens sexual health resource and other things that will help guide you through the changes.

In this article, let’s go over three common signs, so you know what to watch for to start preparing.

1. Irregular periods when approaching menopause

Throughout your life, you have probably had many times when your period doesn’t come exactly on schedule. There are so many factors that go into when it arrives that there are very few reasons that it would be right on time.

However, once you get to be over 45 if your period starts happening irregularly more often, this is likely the first sign that you will see of menopause. Usually, the cycle shortens so your periods start coming much sooner. Yet, for others, it doesn’t always come sooner. So, it is very hard to track your periods.

Even flow changes can happen. Some women have a higher flow and others experience a mere trickle. The thing to consider is if it is usually like that or if the flow is somehow different and combines with an irregular cycle.

2. Decreased libido

Since the desire for sexual intimacy links to your hormones, it is no surprise that your sex drive will be lower when you start to hit menopause. Estrogen ends up in short supply once menopause begins its arrival.

It is a tricky sign to recognize, however. Reduced interest in sex doesn’t always signal that menopause is coming.

Things like poor health, stress, and even a lack of spark with your partner can all contribute to your lack of desire. On its own, it may mean that menopause is coming but it also may not. Look for other signs in combination with it.

3. Approaching menopause: Hot flashes

Most people are familiar with the occurrence of hot flashes when women hit menopause. It is a symptom that happens just before a period begins or shortly after it ends. It’s a sensation that feels like heat coming from deep inside the body and then results in profuse sweats, particularly at night.

Usually, hot flashes only last a few minutes, but the sensation can be very uncomfortable. Given the discomfort, many women treat it with hormones and even some non-hormonal therapy.

Hot flashes are one of the surest signs that menopause is on its way, but the heated moments can start years before menopause hits. So, look for the other two signs on the list above in conjunction to get an idea if it is getting close.

Are you looking for more wellness info for women? Check out this recent interview with Dr. Julianne Arena about menopause issues and coping.

8 thoughts on “3 common signs you are approaching menopause”

  1. We need more posts out there about the menopause.
    Due to the contraception I was on, I hadn’t had periods since my 2nd child was born.
    My libido went through the roof and is still going strong.
    Hot flashes, night sweats, and mercurial moods has been my experience of being menopausal.

  2. LOL! Been there, done that at 36! I’m a freak of nature. I had everything you said, to the nth degree.
    One thing I’d like to mention is what I call “Mental Paws”.
    Your brain is like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. It unravels, gets ripped, rolls into dark places….. you wage an argument with yourself. Then, after you’ve settled everything, you redo the argument again & again.
    I could walk into a room of 20 people, and without saying a word, everyone became depressed.
    It was horrible for me. Hormone therapy saved me, and my bones.
    HRT is NOT for everyone, but it was for me. Going through at 36, and never having had children made it safer and the best option.

  3. Thank you, Christy, for sharing the article on menopause. I should have know better but didn’t realize I had gone through menopause until I had a check-up with my doctor. I had two of the signs but not reduced libido. The one plus is I no longer had mood swings when I reached menopause. However, I had rapid bone loss around this time which I countered with drug therapy for about 5 years and weight training. Overall, I’ve enjoyed this phase in my life. Every woman’s experience is unique, though.

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