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How to make your monotonous treadmill run more fun

Treadmill run more fun now

Are you tired of looking at the same wall or tree while you exercise every day? Do you feel stuck inside your home while on a treadmill run? If you want a great morning jog without heading outdoors into the cold, Vingo is the app you need!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vingo, with the goal to help you get active and have fun. 

Vingo is the brand-new online running app that has been specifically designed to make your treadmill time worth more. With tons of landscapes preloaded in the app, you can synchronize with the app to give you a real-time experience while you run on your treadmill. Here’s a look at how the app works with you.

Be safe when starting a new exercise routine and ask your doctor beforehand if the new routine is right for you.

An exciting new exercise routine

Vingo comes with detailed landscapes which you can immerse into while you’re on the treadmill. The near-life imagery will take you inside a new world of fitness where people from across the world join you there.

A beach in Hawaii, the Australian outback, and the edges of South American plateaus are examples of places on the app. You can explore them and have fun, all while you jog on your treadmill at home.

Also, you can learn cool new facts about the locations you run in. Thus, you can also call it an educational run.

Gone are the days when you set your timer to follow a boring exercise routine. With Vingo, you will no longer need to check the time you run around. Also, with new and new landscapes waiting for you to explore every time, you will be more than happy to start your mornings on the treadmill.

Connect with fitness conscious people

With Vingo, you can find and talk with people who share similar body fitness goals. This Indoor running app has cool voice chat options that allow you to talk, encourage and support your fellow fitness buffs right from where you’re running. If you’re an extrovert, you can easily find a running buddy who would keep you company while you exercise in the morning.

It is much easier to find the right people who can run as fast as yourself or who are free and available to run along during your free time. That way, you need not waste your time waiting for others or run slower than your speed or faster than what you would like.

Run as freely and as fast as you like to. Use proper form and consider other running tips too, including wearing the proper shoes.

If you are an introvert, however, the app has a special feature to prevent disturbances, and it’s called the mute button. That way, you can enjoy your running session in peace and tranquillity. No one is going to find fault with you for not being social. After all, you’re working on your physical health and don’t want to worry about what others think.

You can also add in your friends and family and go for an adventurous trail in the morning together. This way, you can experience the exercise even with your family in another city.

Explore Vingo and find your inner peace

Go on exciting new routes and unlock even more. Take a selfie with and create your own avatar that represents you in the Vingo world. You can also go on a shopping trip for your avatar and add in accessories, workout gear, and more.

Whether you have a basic or more advanced treadmill, this online running app can help you accomplish your fitness goals. It combines challenges with fun trips.

Easily download Vingo on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer and install it the same day. Open the app in front of your treadmill and start running. This is the new way to get fit as you exercise from home during the pandemic and beyond. Have a great workout!

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