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9 summer fun ideas for kids

Summer fun ideas for kids

Summer may seem far off but it’ll be here before you know it. Woohoo, bring on the warmer weather! It’s never too early to start planning for the summer holidays when they’re out of school. It can be tricky knowing what to do to keep the children busy, quiet, and entertained for the entire summer. As a parent, you might feel pressure to do something fun every day. Thankfully not all activities are expensive. Children are quite happy to be indoors using their imagination! Here are nine summer fun ideas for kids (and parents) if you struggle to think of things to do.

1. Park

A lovely, calm, and potentially free trip out of the house is… taking the kids to the park. It is something that you could do regularly throughout the holidays, especially if the park is close to your home.

There are lots of things to do at the park, including feeding the ducks (if allowed where you live). You can also make use of any designated play areas in the park. There could be a splash pad or spray park there, for example. These types of playgrounds entertain the kids and are great opportunities to meet other children with who they can play with there.

If you have organized a playdate with some friends from school, they could meet you and the kids at the park too. If you live close enough to the park, why not ride your bikes there? Not only are you all getting out of the house, but you’re getting some physical exercise as well.

2. Theme parks

This is a great one if you and the kids are adrenaline junkies. You can spend the whole day screaming your heads off and losing your belly on rollercoasters.

Theme parks are fun for all the family, and they cater to all ages. If you have children who are unable to go on many rides because of height restrictions or for another reason, they will be able to make use of the outdoor play equipment and indoor soft play area.

If you plan to go to a theme park, consider taking a picnic with you. That way, you’ll save money (food places can be quite expensive).

3. Museums

If you want to continue learning while your kids are off school, there are plenty of opportunities. You can visit the various museums and interactive workshops spread around the community.

Children are often enamored by the amazing sites and facts they can find in museums. The great thing about youngsters is that they are giant sponges, taking in info constantly. Even when they are playing, they are learning new skills and information.

There are so many types of museums for you to explore together. There are history museums, science museums, and art galleries. Check before going there that it is a kid-friendly location by phoning there to ask.

4. Holiday camps

If you are working through the summer months, you may not have the luxury of planning all these wonderful activities with your child. Instead, you could sign your child up for holiday clubs and have someone else plan cool things for your child to do.

Summer and holiday camps are a fun way for your kids to spend the days. There are many to choose from, including doing sports, educational, or even LEGO themed summer camps.

Ask your child what they’re looking forward to doing over summer and see what camp aligns with it while still fitting the family budget. There is a fantastic opportunity with the Space Foundation CI&E, where your children will learn about space, astronauts, and everything in between.

5. Day at home

Here is one you may or may not like the sound of, a lovely day in the comfort of your own home. Children can usually entertain themselves, so why are the holidays any different?

These are free, and you can set up lots of activities to keep them occupied. You could even plan a movie day, making it fun and interactive for the kids.

You could set up a theater in the house where the children have to purchase a ticket for the film and then buy their snacks. You could even use real money and use this as a great way to teach the value of it. Simple math will help them now and in the future.

You could also set up arts and crafts or play video games. You might even make a pillow fort. The world is your oyster when it comes to a day at home.

If the weather is nice and you have a garden, the children could also head out to play. Perhaps they’ll discover a love of gardening at a young age.

6. Aquarium

If your children are fans of fish and other marine creatures, surprise them with a trip to the local aquarium. You may not have one nearby, so it might involve a drive. But they will likely be happy when they go there.

At the destination, they can see rays, fish, sharks, and more. Aquariums often have talks and events throughout the day, so your children can learn fun and interesting facts about all the sealife.

They’ll be learning, without likely even realizing it, as they’re having a great time! From biology and zoology to the environment, there is a lot to learn about at the aquarium.

7. Family camping trip

Get out in nature and have a blast! Between sleeping in a tent, telling stories around a campfire (if it’s allowed at the site), and hiking nearby, there is plenty to keep the children busy. Be sure to bring marshmallows to roast over the fire.

Sleeping bags and a big tent are must-have items. It becomes a slumber party at night, and who doesn’t love that?!

Be sure to bring flashlights, too, so the kids and you can see if you have to get up during the night. A first aid kit is also important to have on hand, although hopefully, you’ll never have to open it.

The camping trips are ones that your children will remember for a long time to come. I know I do! Use the time to make great memories and strengthen your family bond.

8. Shopping

This one might not interest all kids, but some youngsters will love it! Shopping is not for everyone, but those who love it, really love it, lol.

Consider giving your child a budget, so they have experience handling a small amount of money and understanding better how to use it. Depending on the child’s age, you can do this with them or leave them to do it themselves or with their friends.

Introduce them to the idea that high-priced items don’t necessarily mean great quality. They need to learn about value and money at some point, so why not incorporate it into your summer outings?

9. Trip abroad

This one sounds amazing, and it may take some more planning than the others, but you will likely have a great time. You could plan a weekend or even a week away somewhere away from home.

Think about somewhere on your family’s bucket list of places to go, or ask your child where they want to go. They might say Walt Disney World or something along those lines.

You can get some good bargains throughout the year for last-minute trips away, so this might be something to keep in mind. Family vacations can create memories that last a lifetime.

A few last words on kids’ summer fun ideas

By now, you have many ideas for entertaining the kiddies during the warm months when they’re on a break from school, from enrolling your kids in sports to going to theme parks. Maybe you’ll try one or two of these ideas – or all of them!

What are other ways for youngsters to have a great time in the summertime? What do your little ones like to do?

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  1. I never had kids, but when I was one, I loved visiting my maternal grandparents.
    Baba taught me how to make pies, and djadja taught me gardening. He was such a character. One summer, I had my own cucumber plant, which I tended to diligently. I grew the biggest cucumber in the garden that summer. He tried claiming it was his, but I knew it was mine, and he knew it, too! lol

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