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Careers that will take you to another level with technology

Careers in tech

Some people are just born wired to work with technology, and if you want more from a career than simply entering data into a computer, take a look at these jobs that could land you in interesting data careers.

Business intelligence analyst

The primary goal of a business intelligence analyst is to help companies make better use of their data. This may entail collecting, organizing, and evaluating internally and externally industry data to discover trends, patterns, or prospective concerns.

Data analysts must also turn their findings into practical solutions for the company’s benefit. They must do this and communicate their findings to upper-level management.

A online computer engineering degree, bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics or a related discipline is normally required for this position, which is a highly technical position. Some employers may insist on an advanced degree for business intelligence analysts, which is why many go on to get MBAs.

Logistics analyst

Logistics analysts use data to optimise supply chain operations from purchase to delivery. Logistics analysts analyze data to detect supply chain inefficiencies and offer cost-saving solutions to improve product manufacturing, distribution, and delivery.

A bachelor’s degree is required for logistics analysts, however, experience in logistics and supply chain management might be enough to get eligible applicants hired.

Data architect

Buildings for the proper acquisition, organization, analysis, management and utilization of data are designed by data architects, much as physical structures are by architects. Work with other teams and engineers to create and deploy the data management architecture.

Nearly all of the people who work as data architects have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or engineering.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the different types of data.

Infographic by types of data

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