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Happy Christmas 2021!

Happy Christmas 2021

The holiday season is here. It is Christmas Eve today!

What a year it has been… Moving so slow and yet so fast, somehow all at the same time. The pandemic has continued on, and health and safety is on everyone’s mind.

While the gatherings are smaller this year, they are still special. The last few years have made me so thankful for what I have… We lost our sweet Layla, our senior cat, and both hubby and I have had moments of being less than our best healthwise. But we continue to look at the positives, what we have rather than what is lacking, and the memories of those who are no longer with us. We have new additions to the family too with two sweet furkids, as well as Nemo, and we tell the new kids about Layla.

While I have been told I’m not supposed to say Merry Christmas anymore, as not everyone celebrates it, I continue to say it to those who celebrate the holiday. If you do not celebrate it, know that I mean no harm by saying it! I wish you a wonderful day.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to support When Women Inspire and the many different topics here. Your openness to reading and commenting on them means a lot to me. Cheers to another holiday season together!

Happy Christmas 2021 to you and your loved ones ♡

Love Christy

55 thoughts on “Happy Christmas 2021!”

  1. Merry Christmas, dear Christy!
    You know many who aren’t Christians, love this holiday, in their own way.
    If we can’t say it how we want to, where has freedom of speech gone?
    I wish everyone all the best for any holiday they celebrate!

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