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5 simple ways to secure your home

Secure your home tips

Our homes are our castles, and you should be absolutely secure and safe in your home. We feel like that just because people prefer to think that nothing bad can happen in your house. Unfortunately, the world is full of indecent people, and there is always a chance that someone will plan a penetration into your home and burst that sacred safety bubble you have in your head right now. To prevent that, here is a list of ways to secure your home and make it more difficult for burglars.

1. Secure doors and windows

Doors and windows are the ones that betray us first because we simply do not care enough about their safety. Also, it is very hard for police to define burglary as a crime that happened in your house if you opened the windows. Maybe you are a criminal too and worked together with a burglar to get insurance?

That’s why many people suggest using inexpensive alarms and simple window locks to secure every door and window in your home. Also, do not forget about sliding door protection: they are so easy to forget about!

2. Set up a simple security system

The security camera eyes are a hundred times better than just keeping your doors locked. A camera will capture even a ninja if they decide to rob your home.

In addition to a camera system, install a free IP camera viewer to see what’s going on on your phone in live mode. It can even save your life one day, so choose the best outdoor security camera system you can afford, install an IP camera software, and start using it as soon as possible.

3. Add motion detection lights

As a part of your home security system, add high-quality motion detection lights everywhere you can. Sudden bright lights, which will be activated as soon as a person crosses the invisible line, can scare off a potential burglar and make them run away before causing any damage to your property.

Cameras and motion detection lights make the best security system together because they help to capture a criminal even at night. That’s when you are in your most vulnerable state.

4. Garage safety

Ask any person whose house was robbed what place is the most convenient for burglars to break into the house? Most of them will tell you that it is your good old garage. That’s why making it burglar-proof is crucial for your home safety.

First of all, don’t keep a garage opener on your keychain or in a car where anyone can see it. Burglars will absolutely use it to penetrate your home. Lock the garage door every time you are not outside and can see what’s going on, and do it physically, from the inside, to prevent you from overhearing the breaking incident.

5. Think wider: Wi-Fi and social media

Everything relies on technology nowadays, and so do burglars too! When they think about robbing your house, they usually create a detailed plan in advance, and not just go and steal everything on the spur of the moment.

First of all, they check social media to find people with significant assets who, unfortunately, have a poor or non-existent security system. Once they find you, they now try to crack your Wi-Fi password, connect to your security, and shut it off when they need it.

To prevent these horrible things from happening to you, always post pictures only from the insides of your home, never outside. Do not show your house’s facade on social media because burglars will easily find it using Google Maps or something like that.

Next, make sure that expensive belongings do not appear in photos. You don’t want to attract the burglars!

Lastly, ensure that your Wi-FI password is very safe and cannot be easily cracked by an outsider. Consider changing the password regularly to be even more secure. It is your safety we are talking about, so nothing can be too much in this case.

Concluding words on securing your home

Do you feel more secure now? These five simple methods add to the safety of the home. That enables you and your kids to sleep well, rather than worrying about anyone outside.

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