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3 methods for learning how to play the piano

How to play the piano

More than ever before, music lessons are accessible to anyone and everyone interested in learning how to play the piano, play another instrument, or sing. Whether you’re looking for piano lessons for yourself or your child, there are three main ways to go about it. Three methods are in-person lessons with an instructor, online lessons with an instructor, and online video instruction.

1. In-person lessons with an instructor

Learning from someone in person will offer the most direct and tailored-to-you lessons possible. There are nuances to your playing and your posture that might be harder to catch over a video appointment online, so an in-person instructor will generally be able to give you the most feedback.

This approach also means that unpreparedness is harder to hide at an in-person lesson. So, the accountability to practice and prepare weekly (or however often you have your lessons) is higher than online instruction.

If you don’t have a real piano at home, it’s also worth considering that if your lessons are at the home or studio of your instructor then the piano you play for your lessons will likely be of higher quality than your keyboard. Even the nicest of keyboards with the most dynamic response built-in won’t ever quite match the feel and action of a real piano.

2. Online lessons with an instructor

If convenience is particularly important to you and you want to learn to play piano online, look into some companies that offer online lessons with an instructor such as Forbes Music Company. Taking lessons online from an instructor provides you with some of the benefits of having a real person help you learn while also giving you the accessibility and efficiency of hopping on the internet for your lesson. That is, as opposed to instead of driving somewhere or hosting someone in your home.

Online lessons like this also allow you to learn from an instructor if you’re sick and need to stay home. It is also great if you live in a more remote area where there aren’t any nearby instructors.

3. Learning how to play the piano using online videos

Another option for learning if you opt for the online route is using the many videos on YouTube and other websites that offer step-by-step instruction on all levels. All it takes is access to the internet and a simple keyboard to start learning.

This method, of course, offers the most flexibility out of all three of these options. That’s because you won’t be working with someone else at certain intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.). Also, you won’t have assigned homework to practice regularly.

Just be prepared to keep yourself motivated to practice and learn online without the built-in accountability of a personal instructor. This method of learning piano is also something you can use in combination with one-on-one instruction online or in person.

A few last words on learning to play piano

If playing the piano is something you want to pursue, consider the pros and cons of in-person lessons, online lessons, and online video learning. Whatever method of learning you choose, you’ll be glad you put some time into the rewarding craft of making music.

3 thoughts on “3 methods for learning how to play the piano”

  1. I thought I was doing the ‘right thing’ getting myself a teacher. She came recommended, fully qualified, etc. Alas, after a number of lessons and lots of practice I developed carpel tunnel due to bad technique. I was hitting the ivories quite hard, which she loved, and raising my pinkies awkwardly, which she failed to address. Hence, pain and heartache waiting for the time when, once again, I can start my piano playing love. I’m now so much more aware of the pitfalls.
    Buyer beware!?

  2. Great tips, Christy! May i add an very important advice? ;-) If you had learned it, please do not stop playing. xx Michael

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