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5 gifts to give parents with young kids

Gifts for parents of young kids

You likely have at least one close family member or friend with small children. When it’s a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas, you might wonder what to get them that they can do together as a family. With that in mind, here are five great gift ideas for parents with young kids.

5 gifts that parents with young children will love:

1. A play gym

Consider getting a play gym for their children, especially if you don’t mind spending a little extra on it. It can be the perfect gift for someone who has little ones and a big yard for them to play in every day.

A gym with a swing set and sliding board can give the kids access to exercise and hours of fun. They can also meet neighborhood kids who will likely want to play with them in the yard. You can find these play gyms at a variety of locations online.

2. School supplies

Another idea is to purchase school supplies at It’s never too early or too late to invest in school supplies for someone’s little ones. offers a selection of writing supplies, toys, and entertainment products that you can browse as well.

You might even find products that will help children to get involved in various hobbies and activities. Search some online sites to see what they come up with in that area.

3. A gaming system

Gaming systems are dream items for some kids, especially as they get older. Perhaps you will get them an Xbox or PlayStation unit to play with their kids. Alternatively, you may want to consider investing in a learning video gaming system for a younger child. They are sure to have a great time – and learning is a bonus!

In some cases, the family member or friend’s children might already own a gaming system. If that’s the case, you might get them a tech upgrade with a newer system.

Or, you might buy a few games for them instead. If you’re not sure what’s age-appropriate, the game description will likely tell you how it is rated or ask the seller for details.

Choose from a wide selection of adventure games, role-playing games, sports games, and more. Some of gaming stores may even offer coupons or discounts on certain selections so that you can save money.

4. A gift card

A gift card might seem like an impersonal gift. However, it’s actually quite thoughtful.

Purchasing a gift card for another person allows them to shop at their favorite location and then decide on an item for the family. It takes the guesswork out of the entire process so that the individual will end up with an item they want.

A gift card is an excellent idea when you’re not sure what to buy the individual. It’s also a great choice if you know your friend’s children like to make independent choices.

5. Books

The gift of reading is a wonderful one! There are many choices, from a short picture book to a young adult novel, depending on the age and reading level.

The pages can provide immense inspiration. For example, the book Extraordinary Women with Cameras could spark a youngster’s interest in photography and provide positive role models.

Reading together provides wonderful bonding time between parents and children too. And it provides a learning opportunity for those who are only just beginning to comprehend the written language.

A few last words

The gifts mentioned above are some ideas to help you when you know you want to get something for a parent with small kids but aren’t sure exactly what kind of present. Whatever you give, remember it’s the thought that counts and the time you spend with the family that matters the most.

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