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Time for a tech upgrade? What you need to know

A tech upgrade is something that you’ll have to do occasionally. All technology becomes outdated, and the pace of change continues to get faster. As devices become slow, upgrading becomes an obvious option.

However, making a mistake with your updates is easy. There’s a balance between tolerating your old tech to the point where it almost feels like it’s from the stone age, or upgrading too quickly and spending your money unnecessarily.

If you’re considering upgrading your gear, here’s what you need to know about some of the most popular devices in the world. You know what I’m talking about:

Tech upgrade tips


Some people live by the very strict rule of only going for a phone upgrade every 3 years. While that’s fine for those who use their phone strictly for work emails, texts, or the occasional phone call, it’s probably not soon enough for heavier users.

If you’re in the latter group, then you likely use your smartphone as much as you do a laptop, if not more often. In this case, it’s worth considering a tech upgrade every 20 months.

When it comes to trading up for a newer model, always check with your phone carrier about special deals before making any decisions. If you’re a power user then you might be able to negotiate a better plan because you have a high-tier plan.

But if you’re limiting your smartphone use to a little social media browsing here and there, there’s no need to get a new phone every other year, in my opinion. If you worry that you won’t have the coolest gadget around, please don’t waste your money trying to fit in.

True friends will like you for you, not based on whether you have the newest iPhone.

True friends and tech



While tablets can be massively convenient devices, many people fall into the trap of upgrading them too often. The fact is that tablets are one of the slower devices when it comes to new developments.

There aren’t enough differences between tablet models to justify making regular upgrades. Even the very first iPad remains a pretty functional device.

So before you make a tech upgrade, consider how much you use your tablet. If you have a smartphone, laptop, and tablet, then chances are that you use your tablet the least of all 3.

Of course, if you damage your tablet, then a replacement is a good idea. But consider holding back on the latest model; you might be able to find a cheaper, slightly older generation one instead.


If you spend a lot of time on your laptop then you already know how quickly they can slow down. There are many reasons for that happening, include having the wrong specs for the tasks that you do at home, around campus, or elsewhere.

That’s why it’s a good idea to do some research before buying a laptop. The more that you know about the tasks you’ll be using the machine for, the easier it’ll be to get the right one.

Get the right laptop and it will last far longer than if you jump right in and get a new one with mysterious numbers and abbreviations you don’t fully understand. It’s easy to find the right device for your needs using resources like the Smart Assistant that asks a few questions about your laptop use and finds the best options for you.

If you get a laptop that’s been designed for exactly how you’ll be using it, it will last a lot longer than making an uninformed choice.

Do a tech upgrade right

Technology continues to move quickly and that’s awesome as it brings families together. But make sure that you’re not trading in your old smartphone, tablet, or laptop for a new one just for the sake of it.

To make the wisest shopping decision, look at how you use your devices. Try to strike a good balance between time, tasks, and necessity.

The less you use your device, and the less demanding tasks you ask of them, the less likely that you need to update it. If you do need a tech upgrade, make sure that you know exactly what you need, and your device will last much longer.

How often do you upgrade your devices? What do you look for in a new one?

18 thoughts on “Time for a tech upgrade? What you need to know”

  1. I hate having to switch files from one laptop to another; I’m always afraid I’ll lose something important. I usually move any files I want to keep (photos, story ideas, etc., ) to a desk top in the family network and then make a copy on c.d. too. As far as picking a new model- I have my own personal expert. My husband has a master’s degree in computer science so he keeps up with tech far better than I do. I tell him what features I want, and he tells me what we should buy.

  2. My iPhone is at least 6 years old but I use it for actually making calls, WhatsApp and Instagram. It appears to be slowing up but I’m keeping it until it finally gives up and then I’ll try factory reset before I really give up on it. My iPad is also 5 years old but is perfectly functional so no need to upgrade. The laptop is old, old, old, much slower but still works. I think I’m one of those girls who waits for something to break beyond repair before I’ll buy new xxx

  3. I hate the thought of any tech upgrade. There’s so much to do. It doesn’t matter how much easier it might become with self-installs etc. There’s just so much to remember and do. In the ‘old days’, our machines were built to last a lifetime (so to speak). Now they are designed for a quick turnover.

    1. Yes I recently changed laptops for a newer one after the old one slowwwwwed down and one button started sticking. A saving grace was that the place I got it from offered to transfer the date from the old model to the new one for me – it was worth the fee in place of the headache!

    2. Definitely. I’d rather someone else do it and get it right than me try and have problems. I’m experienced in that. 😂

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