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Menstrual pain and cannabis: Does it really help?

Cannabis for menstrual pain

Typically, your doctor would recommend anti-inflammatory medicines to help you with your menstrual discomfort. In contrast, considering the side effects that these painkillers can have, you could be looking for an alternative solution. Herbal remedies, on the other hand, have been a traditional solution for discomfort. Cannabis, for instance, has been used for centuries across various cultures to relieve menstrual pain. Although modern studies are limited, the herb has proven to be effective so far.

Skimming through the research

Cannabis has already been proven to help with a variety of illnesses. And for this reason, it has also been legalized in many parts of the world now. Some of the conditions we surely know about include chronic pain, headache, epilepsy, and gastro-disorders.

All 50 states in the US have decriminalized hemp-derived drugs. One of the notable studies around cannabis and menstrual pain was published by the University of British Columbia.

This 2015 study used a sample size of 192 women. 85% of women said they have used cannabis for menstrual pain, out of which 90% said it helped. It is noteworthy that the consumption method of the participants was restricted to cannabis edibles and smoking pot only.

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The global perception of cannabis

Since the green movement, people around the globe have started to look up to cannabis as a reliable and ethical herb. The market for cannabis and its products has been growing at a whopping 18% CAGR. Clearly, the herb must have some benefits, either short-term or long-term.

Some of the most common reasons why people use cannabis include:

  • To relieve symptoms of ailments and as an assistive or supplementary drug for existing medications
  • To study new ways to improve fitness and wellness products
  • And as a recreational drug

Countries like Canada and United States have already taken a step towards a greener tomorrow. Both countries have legalized cannabis and its products, though with limitations.

As it becomes more popular, studies in other fields are also being conducted. For example, studies are going on around cannabis and its effects on reproductive health.

The cosmetics and wellness supplements industries have already stepped into the market. As far as menstrual discomfort is concerned, there are already a few products available on the market.

Exploring the dispensaries or online stores, you can easily find soaps, salves, edibles, and concentrates specifically engineered to help with menstrual discomfort. Acupuncture is another area that is receiving recent attention for helping reduce menstrual pain.

Is it THC or CBD that helps?

Another research area specifically focuses on the two most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. That is, CBD and THC.

It is noteworthy that a majority of studies claim that THC is more effective during menstrual discomfort. In contrast, only a few of them either claim CBD to be more effective or none at all.

Apart from this, the method of consumption is also another field of exploration. Some prove ingestion lasts longer, while others claim smoking or to vape to be highly potent.

Despite the available facts and studies, there are still more discoveries to be made. And the use of cannabis during menstruation is still in its infancy.

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