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6 areas where online degree students can save money

Online degree: Save money

With student debt at an all-time high and the idea of paying off student loans for decades after graduation becoming more and more off-putting for many students today, saving money throughout your college experience can be a big issue to deal with. For many students, taking online classes can be an ideal way to save more money while getting a bachelor’s, master’s or a more advanced degree.

Taking online classes might have become more and more popular over the past eighteen months due to the COVID-19 crisis, but the truth is that online degree programs have been around for quite some time. They have long been used by students who want the option to continue working and earning a full-time income while studying.

Plus, online education can save the associated costs of attending college. There are several different ways that taking online classes or getting your entire degree online can save you a considerable amount of money.

No commute

One of the main benefits of studying online is that there is no commute to worry about. You’re not spending money daily on filling your car with gas and parking charges or getting public transport to campus.

This can also save you a lot of time that you can use to study or work and earn even more money alongside getting your degree. With online degree programs and classes from SBU Online, the longest commute that you’ll need to make is from elsewhere in your house and desk.

No lab fees

If you want to take a degree program that majors in a science subject, you will often have to pay for lab supplies so that you can perform experiments as part of the program. However, this can often be cheaper with online classes since you’ll do this by watching others perform the experiments or learning about the methods used and the results.

However, bear in mind that some online degree programs do require distance learning students to attend some classes on-campus for lab-based lectures and experiments. So, you may not be able to completely get out of paying this expense.

No lost wages

One of the biggest reasons why an increasing number of students are getting their degrees online is that studying online allows you to avoid losing wages while improving your resume. Taking classes on-campus and in-person requires that you are able to attend them at a set time, which often leads to restricting your work hours or even taking time off work completely while you get your degree. That ultimately results in lost wages.

On the other hand, most online programs are completely flexible, allowing you to schedule learning around your other commitments including work. As a result, it’s absolutely possible to study full-time while working full-time, without reducing your income at all.

No stationery costs

Some schools still require you to write in blue books to take tests, which are bought from the school bookstore for a small cost. However, when you’re studying online and taking any tests that are required using your laptop or PC, you don’t have to pay for stationery.

Also, most online degree programs are set up for you to do everything digitally. That means you can avoid spending on items like pens and notebooks throughout the course of your degree program.

Lower textbook costs

Since online students do not always have access to the college library or bookstore for getting textbooks, more information might be provided with an online degree program. Additionally, it might be easier for you to get your hands on the textbooks that you need in the form of eBooks.

An eBook can be much cheaper than traditional printed books. Then, after you’re done with the course, consider selling the textbooks to make some extra money.

Lower tuition fees

While many online classes will cost the same as their on-campus counterpart, there is a chance that you might be able to save money on tuition fees when you get your degree online. That is because some schools and colleges that specialize in online learning will often be able to charge lower tuition fees compared to brick-and-mortar colleges. That makes sense since they do not incur the same overhead costs.

Final words

Perhaps you’re considering going to college to start your professional career with a bachelor’s degree or want an advanced degree to boost your current career. Maybe, in the future, you’ll want to change careers. In these scenarios, the cost of attending college can be a huge worry. If so, taking classes online can often be a cheaper and more flexible option to consider.

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  1. It is great that there are so many options open to students these days. Lower costs also make taking online courses attractive in addition to the other things you listed.

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