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To protect your hearing, follow these simple tips

Protect your hearing tips

Hearing loss is a serious issue that can have a wide range of consequences. Of course, some hearing loss is unavoidable, but not all of it is. In truth, you can do a few simple things to reduce your chances of developing hearing loss. Here are some ways to protect your hearing.

Do not put foreign objects into the ear

Why do so many people believe cleaning their ears with a Q-tip is good? In reality, it can be quite harmful to the ear, putting the eardrum at risk of rupture. Furthermore, even if you avoid the previous painful occurrence, attempting to remove wax with a foreign instrument can potentially have the opposite effect.

Pushing the wax harder has a bigger chance of impacting the wax and causing blockages. If you need to remove blocked ear wax, use ear drops instead or go to a professional to have it removed safely.

Protect your hearing if around loud noises

When it comes to preventing hearing loss, avoid being in loud environments all of the time. If you are at a concert or working in a noisy workplace, this means keeping your headphone volume low and wearing protective earplugs or noise cancelers.  Also always seek professional help like a Hearing Specialist Santa Monica when there’s something wrong with your hearing.

This guide to hearing protection will give you some good pointers. Just doing this one simple step will greatly minimize your risk of developing hearing loss.

Treat ear issues quickly

Hearing issues such as glue ears or swimmers’ ears are relatively common but can cause damage if left untreated. If you experience regular ear issues, they may not seem like a big deal or affect you too much, and it can be tempting to let them resolve themselves.

Untreated ear infections can spread down the ear canal to the inner ear, significantly increasing the chance of hearing loss. You must receive the corrective procedure if you have redness, soreness, or pain in one or both ears. Fortunately, your pharmacist or doctor will be able to direct you to the appropriate product.

Attend regular checkups to protect your hearing

Finally, if you want to reduce your chances of developing hearing loss, you must take the greatest possible care of your ears. That means you should have any hearing tests done the same way you would for your teeth and eyes.

Many people put off such examinations because they are concerned that they already have hearing loss and will require a hearing aid. Of course, they must keep two things in mind in this circumstance.

The first is that getting fitted for a hearing aid is actually rather simple and does not hurt. Here’s the second point. If they have a hearing impairment, it is far better to be aware of and address it than ignore it.

It can, if left undealt with, cause other health issues, such as cognitive decline. Even if you have a family history of hearing loss, there are still ways to work with the risks to minimize them.


You cannot protect against everything that causes hearing loss, unfortunately. But there are certainly some things that you can do to reduce the risk. The tips above can provide a great starting point.

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