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The custom handmade jewelry process: Types and techniques

Custom handmade jewelry

Jewelry provides a great form of self-expression using unique accessories. Jewelry is a French word, meaning joy and gladness. Someone’s pleasure and happiness are seen when they put on a piece, such as a necklace, that makes them feel attractive and stand out. One of the most common custom handmade jewelry is heirloom jewelry. This type of jewelry is usually considered a family inheritance and is passed down from one generation to another.

More about custom-made treasures

Each masterpiece typically reflects an artisan’s or jewelry maker’s love and commitment when making the piece. Many people do not understand the worth of a custom-made work compared to pieces produced in large numbers.

You might also believe that customized pieces are usually much more expensive than manufactured pieces. However, this is not always the case.

In some scenarios, custom pieces are much more affordable than mass-manufactured ones. The only factor differentiating the price of one jewel from another is the expertise of the maker. The beauty and the cost of jewelry go hand in hand.

Types and techniques of custom handmade jewelry

The uniqueness and beauty of most customized jewelry pieces are the main attraction for most current clients in the styling industry. People are beginning to prefer custom pieces since they have a personal touch, making them very distinct.

Customized jewelry does not have a standard market look that is common for all the pieces produced. They usually have a variety of pendant designs and an eccentric range of bracelet styles.

1. Assembled jewelry making

This type of jewelry is the simplest, and crafting involves simple hand assembly. This specific type of jewelry category gives people an opportunity of owning a unique piece at an affordable price.

You can buy handmade necklaces, earrings, chains, charms, rings, and bracelets. Learning how to make such handcrafted pieces is easy and can take up to a week of practice.

2. Beaded jewelry

Jewelry made out of beads is classic but simple, and the type of art on them depends on the type used. The beads are usually strung on a single thread to make bracelets and necklaces.

The small baubles or jewels come in various forms and shapes, so there’s sure to be something for everyone’s fashion style. The beautiful beads come in different materials, from glass to plastic.

Beadwork is truly an art form. The artists also can combine tiny and large-sized beads into the same piece. This trend is growing!

3. Wire-wrapped

This type of jewelry is evident and eye-catching. It is primarily charms and pendants made from either beads or stones.

The pieces created by this technique are usually used as decorative edging for ornaments, such as necklace pendants, to enhance the clarity of the pieces. The artist may also combine unique methods to create striking patterns.

To help keep the wire from tarnishing over time, keep it dry and protected in your jewelry box. Contact with moisture can slowly corrode metal.

4. Fabricated type of custom handmade jewelry

This style tends to cover a line of jewelry styles that vary from traditional gemstone-based rings to wildly creative pieces. This makes use of jewelry bench and metalsmithing techniques.

Jewelers use the metal saw for cutting out basic shapes that help develop intricate details. They use a soldering method for attaching one component to another. It needs dedication and time to excel.

5. Enameled jewelry

This approach is a fantastic way to include a pop of color in metallic jewelry pieces. Enameling creates a permanent bond between the metal surface and the powder by infusing the powder.

Artists can add this coating to jewelry in several different ways. The preferred technique is often the torch-firing method, which is typically more affordable and simpler than any other method.

Vibrant enamel pieces can include big hoop earrings in bold pink, green enamel leaf rings, blue butterfly pendants in sterling silver, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

6. Engraved/hand-stamped

This technique allows the jeweler to create a personalized custom piece of art that is easy and does not take much time once you get used to the method. It requires simple tools with unique styles.

Bring on the art of creation! The design process begins by hammering the metal stamps with impressions onto the metal blank using a heavy hammer. Jewelry stamps are readily available online.

Concluding words on custom handmade jewelry

Custom handmade jewelry is taking off and becoming a new trend. What’s so attractive about it is that the consumer gets to have what is unique and not produced in large masses.

It gives you something special as the product is made according to your specifications. Plus, you won’t accidentally run into someone else wearing the exact same accessory!

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  1. Interesting that it has become popular….again. The 70’s and early 80’s were a heyday for custom made…one of a kind pieces. I enjoy making it as well, although don’t have a lot of time for it.
    Do you remember I made a bracelet for a post for a follow up post to one of yours RE: Suffragettes – #GreenWhiteViolet, Message in a bracelet! That was fun!!!

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