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How to monitor your kid’s online activity

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As parents, you want the best for your kids, but sometimes you feel like you’re walking on thin ice as you want to ensure they are happy but keep tabs on their activity to ensure it’s not unsafe. Especially when it comes to their online presence.

While you want them to have privacy, they might become the victim of cyberbullying. You have their best interests at heart.

Here are some statistics about kids’ online safety:

  • About 75% of children would share their personal information in return for goods and services
  • 65% of 8-14 year-olds have been involved in cyberbullying
  • Unfortunately, 70% of kids encounter sexual or violent content online while researching for their homework

It is now more than ever great for kids to go online as they can learn so many things there and do research for school. However, it poses a great threat as well because of the uncertainty of security it provides.

Then the question is, how can you keep track of the activities of your kids online to ensure they’re safe?

Here are three ways to monitor your kid’s online activity:

Set up parental controls

Android and iOS devices come with parental control settings. You can utilize them and set up the controls with time limits.

Most of the entertainment OTT’s like Netflix and Amazon are also providing parental controls so that you can limit the content. All of these come with password protection, so you don’t have to worry about your kids snooping around.

Here are the settings you can follow to set up the parental controls:

iPhone: Settings > General > Restrictions > Switch “On/Off”. You will get a list of content that you can choose to set restrictions on.

Mac: Apple button > System Preferences > Parental Controls. You can also set a time limit here.

Android: Google Play Store > Menu > Settings > User Controls > Content Filtering, and select the ones required to be filtered out.

Windows: Start button > Control Panel > User Accounts > Family Safety > Parental Controls and select the ones you want your child to access.

Go the extra mile

Kids want to have their space and would like to explore the virtual world. As much as you like to let them roam around, you are more than anxious about the negative consequences that it might fetch.

Have an open conversation about the negatives with your child about the online world. An open and honest dialogue will ensure to get your child’s trust.

They will understand that you are sincerely concerned and limit their activity. If not, let you know if there are any issues.

Instead of throwing a big fat “no,” reason with them and explain how the real world works. Having such mature conversations will also instill a feeling of responsibility amongst your children.

If your child doesn’t heed even after your multiple pleas, get an expert into talking to them. It is easier to find one online. is an email lookup tool that comes with a Chrome extension to your Linkedin account. That makes it easier for you to get the email address of that professional you’ve been trying to get in touch with.

Surveillance software

This is a little dicey situation. You don’t want to intrude into your child’s privacy or be called out for not having enough trust in them.

It is ideal that you inform your child and have a discussion about having surveillance on their computer. Let them know that you are doing it only to keep them safe and won’t be nosy.

As the child grows, it needs privacy along with trust and some respect. So, instead of anchoring some snares at them to show what bad they’re doing, make them feel safe. After all, you are their safety net and they’d want to feel approachable towards you, come what may.


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