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Education after COVID-19: Options for your children

Education after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has badly affected many areas. Some of the worst-hit areas include the education of children. Schools, universities, and college students have had a rough time during the pandemic. Classes have been canceled, activities unavailable and test scores doled out. Across 184 countries all over the world, almost 90% of students were out of class. The question then becomes, what will education after COVID-19 look like?

Getting creative about school

There are some creative education solutions, however. Virtual classrooms have become a necessity and remote learning apps are now in use. But many kids don’t have access to the internet. Two-thirds of schoolchildren have no online access and could suffer as a result.

But there is help available, and here are some options you can consider:

  • Switching schools
  • Activity camps
  • Private tuition

Switching schools isn’t always a bad idea and can increase academic performance. Activity camps are a great way of sneaking in some extra classes. Private tuition can help your child become more confident in a specific subject. This can boost class-based performance.

Choose the right school for your child

A drastic measure but one that might be necessary is switching schools. Not all schools are good for each child.

Some schools focus on certain subjects over others. For example, some schools emphasize sports, and some focus on academia. Private schools are generally better funded and are worth the cost.

Kids who attend these establishments perform better and are well prepared for life. Smaller class sizes, funding, and one-on-one tuition contribute to academic performance. But not everyone can afford private tuition like this. Financial aid is available from most private institutions. Yet this is reserved for students who can sustain excellent grades.

Provide extra activities and classes

With all the missed classes and a year of under-education, you could consider extra work. Activity camps are held after school and during school holidays. These camps are an excellent aid for parents with minimal time and provide extra education. While there are a variety of activities at these camps such as sports, art, and crafts they do hold classes as well.

Also, camps like these are excellent ways for children to meet and make new friends. Most activity camps are run by certified and qualified coaches and teachers. They are very secure in compliance with local laws. The extra study time provided by camps could be that little bit extra your child needs.

Some private help is available

A tried and tested method of improving grades is by hiring a private tutor for extra learning. During the pandemic, online private tuition on Bramble increased by 1,125%. This was because many schools were forced to close. But the usefulness of extra tuition has now been highlighted and the industry is booming.

The pandemic is slowing down and restrictions are being lifted somewhat. Because of this, not all tutoring is online. Once again, private tutors can visit your home.

Yet, because of the necessity, many will give you the option. At the very least, extra tuition helps your child become more confident in a subject. This has been shown to translate into their class-based coursework.

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