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Looking for a boost of serotonin? 3 natural methods

Natural boost in serotonin

Ups and downs are a part of life, and you often have to deal with the bad times before enjoying the good ones. Both are equally important, as they teach you new and precious life lessons. However, dealing with downs generally means negative and sad vibes. These emotions add up to mental exhaustion and also affect your physical health. When you feel low or easily irritated, it could be that you have low levels of serotonin. So, if you want a natural boost of serotonin, these three methods are ones to consider.

What is serotonin?

Low serotonin levels can lead to severe health issues such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Yes, you read that correctly.

Serotonin is naturally occurring, and it acts as a neurotransmitter. Most people believe that the only role of serotonin is to improve mood. However, it also plays a critical role in the sleep cycle, digestive system, appetite, and transmitting signals in the nerve cells.

That’s why you must boost its level in your body. But, the question is, “How?”

Below are a few activities that can help improve serotonin levels:

Boost serotonin naturally through:

1. Exercise

When you feel low, spending all day staying in your bed seems like the best idea. But, is it?

No. In fact, when you are feeling down, that’s when you ought to give your body a push and do some exercise. What type of exercise you do doesn’t really matter. What’s important here is that you are getting active.

It can dance, aerobic, Zumba, stretching, cycling, running, or yoga. It is about you and what exercising method you are comfortable with doing regularly.

By doing the exercise, you are taking steps to improve your overall health. For example, you will sweat and relieve stress. Furthermore, you will also feel thirsty, so your water intake will increase, which keeps your body hydrated.

2. Massage boosts serotonin

No matter what your mood is, a massage is a wonderful activity for many people. It helps in relieving anxiety and muscle pains, as well as rejuvenating the soul, all at once.

That’s not all, either. What makes a massage even better is when your romantic partner does it.

Yes! Now, imagine a scenario where you and your sweetheart are getting super cozy. To spice up the moment, you give each other massages. That would definitely feel incredible.

You could use that massage moment as an opportunity to get more intimate too. Make the room a romantic space by decorating it with candles, chocolates, cushions, and flowers. Set up soft lighting to make the massage even more sensual.

Furthermore, you can also try something new, such as the kivin method, to make your relationship much stronger. You must be wondering, What is the kivin method? It is a pleasing technique that may impress your partner. Moreover, it can help in boosting serotonin levels. So, it’s a win-win!

3. Sunlight

If you feel like doing nothing and expect serotonin to increase on its own, maybe you should go out. No, seriously! Go outside.

Spending time outdoors under the bright light of the sun can be wonderful. Sunlight is not only a source of vitamin D, but it is also warming and helps improve mood.

So, you can plan to eat lunch outside or just relax on a bench for 15 minutes. This time out of the house can improve your overall mood.

It’s not only the sunlight either that can boost your mood. Being in the outdoors means you’re breathing fresh air, which can elevate oxygen to the brain. Yes, that’s going to boost serotonin, which is great.

About serotonin, melatonin, and sleep

By the way, an increase in serotonin in parts of the brain while awake can improve the onset of sleep. The body also uses serotonin to synthesize melatonin. And melatonin is an essential part of quality sleep.

Now, do you see how this is all related? If you don’t get proper sleep, you’ll get irritated and moody, which will reduce your serotonin levels.

Low serotonin levels affect melatonin production, thus affecting the sleep schedule, continuing the cycle. So, take some time out of your day for exercise, massage, or sunlight. Doing so can help you break through this pattern and live a better life.

Final words on getting a boost of serotonin

The tips above are important for good overall mental and physical health. Perhaps best of all, they are natural ways to improve the self. And you are always with the time and energy, never forget that.

Also remember that health is wealth, and you deserve only the best.

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  1. My serotonin is definitely in need of a boost! I’ve never heard of the Kivin method before. Doesn’t really apply to me as I’m not in a relationship but it reminded me about this one guy I was with and how he’d give me shoulder massages. He was sooooo good! Some people go for guys with money or a fancy car. I go for guys that give good shoulder massages 😂

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