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5 signs your job is making you sick

Is your job making you sick?

Your job really can make you sick. Being stressed is a prime cause of physical and mental health issues. Given that your work is likely the most stressful aspect of your life, it stands to reason that would be the case. If your job is making you sick, it’s probably a good idea to reevaluate your work-life balance and try to find a better way of managing your working life. But how do you know if your job is what’s making you ill? Below are five tell-tale signs.

1. You’re in pain

Sometimes, your job can cause you physical discomfort. It could be because you spend too much time hunched over a computer or because your company hasn’t invested in ergonomic furniture.

If you’ve noticed pain in your neck, back, or hands, this is a sign that something could be wrong in your working environment. If so, you may need to contact workplace rehabilitation services to help you manage your pain more effectively. Another good idea is to talk to your boss about making a few changes around the office.

2. You can’t sleep at night

Although it’s not always the case, insomnia can be a sign of stress. Maybe you struggle to get to sleep because you’re turning over any work problems in your head or worrying about the next morning at the office. It could be a vital sign that your job isn’t a good fit and something needs to change.

3. Another sign your job’s making you sick is weight changes

A lot of people, when they’re stressed and unhappy, will experience a change in their relationship with food. Some will be so distressed that they can barely manage to force any food down themselves at all.

Meanwhile, others will use food as a stress reliever and a crutch to get them through each day. That’s why weight loss or gain could be a sign that your job is making you sick.

4. You have no motivation

Do you feel lethargic and unmotivated each day? It could be a sign that your body has been under too much stress for too long.

The result is a drop in your energy level. You may need to take some time off or discuss changing up your work-life balance with your boss.

5. Job making you sick? You get more colds

If you notice yourself getting more colds and bugs lately, it could be that your immune system is struggling. One thing that can really cause your immune system to weaken is stress.

Stress makes it harder for your body to do just about everything, including fighting off germs. So, if you get sick more when you’re working more, it could be just the wake-up call that you need.

A few last words

If you notice any of these signs of job sickness in your life, don’t just put up with them. Instead, see what you can do to make things easier for yourself.

Your health matters, and so does your job, but you have to find the right balance. Whether you take time off work, get a new job, or something in-between, you deserve good health and you can get it.

13 thoughts on “5 signs your job is making you sick”

  1. It is key that one loves their work. Otherwise… it makes you sick.
    I spent many years w/o money and Ikea furniture (lol) until I found a spot for me.
    Perhaps more should understand that money isn’t the ultimate goal.
    I was VERY happy when I did not have $$$.
    Am I happier now that I am financially secure? In some ways, only! Live and learn!

  2. So true, Christy! In the past i had some of these syndromes too. Then i changed my availability, with using some answering machines, fax machines, and depending on the importance different email accounts too. ;-) What a difference to the life before. Michael

  3. This is so true, Christy. My last job was causing me to have some of these symptoms, along with stress headaches bordering on migraines. I only realized how bad it actually was after I left that position, and my health actually improved! Of course hindsight is twenty-twenty, but thanks for sharing these helpful tips for others who might find themselves in such a situation..

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