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How to be a role model for women

How to be a role model for women

Think carefully about the women you looked up to when you were younger – the positive role models who encouraged you to chase your dreams, or become the most unapologetic version of yourself. Whether they were women in your family or people you heard about on the news, it’s important to realize that you are now in a position to become that good example for somebody else. Start inspiring the next generation of strong-minded, powerful women. It’s easier to do than you’d expect. Here are steps to be an amazing role model for women:

Chase your dreams

The best way to set an example for others is to try and live your best life. That means pursuing your dreams no matter how many times you may hear the word “no” or face a setback.

Set personal goals and work hard to achieve them. That way, you are setting an example to others when you succeed.

Preach positivity to be a role model for women

Too often, society tries to pit women against each other. In fact, every single day there are articles written that compare one woman to the next, from discussing who has the better figure to who is more qualified for their job.

Combat this negativity by teaching others that other women are not your enemy – they are your friend. Another person’s success does not detract from your own.

Use your voice to preach positivity, no matter what. Empowerment is key when it comes to being a role model.

Remember actions speak louder than words

There are many different traits people search for in role models. For example, you might seek out people who are particularly vocal about certain topics or issues as these voices can help bring around positive change.

However, it’s also important that your actions match the virtues that you preach. For example, if you own a business, ensure your brand is working to help bring around positive change through charitable donations and improving your accessibility. This kind of work was undertaken by the founder of Genesis Diagnostics, which allowed the company to rise to the top.

As a role model for women, be vocal about your successes

Too often, women feel as though we have to downplay our successes as we don’t want to appear overconfident or self-centered. However, it is important to dispel these myths holding back women.

Those myths teach females to be quiet and timid. Instead, let’s focus on raising our voices.

When something great happens to you, such as getting a promotion, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. At the same time, it is also important that you are completely transparent about setbacks.

There is nothing wrong with admitting mistakes. After all, we are all human, which means that we are constantly learning and growing.

Be the person you needed when you were younger

Although you might not set out with the intention of becoming a role model, you can become one naturally by aiming to do and be better. For example, when you think of your teenage self, what kind of adult did she want to become?

Driven? Hard Working? Passionate?

Carefree. Being your own role model often means that you give others something to aspire to, and a path that they can follow to becoming their true selves.

4 thoughts on “How to be a role model for women”

  1. This is an excellent post. I have always looked up to strong women and have had some great role models over the years. Some were men as well as I don’t think a role model is gender specific. I am often surprised when a young person tells me I have influenced them. But pleased as well. What goes around, comes around I guess.

    1. You’re quite right that role models aren’t gender-specific, Darlene. I focus on women supporting women but the reality is that we only get ahead when we all support one another. How wonderful that you have been told you have impacted others ~ What an amazing feeling for you!

  2. petespringerauthor

    I’m obviously a guy, but it’s so great that you are writing articles such as this one, Christy. As a former teacher, I was often looking for role models for my students. For example, girls who are interested in science need to see their dreams are attainable. Role models help people achieve their goals. My goddaughter is getting ready to take her test to get into medical school. Her heart and perseverance are truly amazing! I’m so proud of her, and I keep telling her, someday you are going to inspire a little girl who wants to become a doctor. What could be more beautiful than that?

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