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Top tips for looking and feeling your best in 2021

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After a year of ups and downs and twists and turns, it’s time to focus on you. History has shown us that from pivotal moments like 2020 we can evolve to better versions of ourselves. Why not bounce back from this unprecedented experience by looking and feeling your best? That’s why I’ve created a quick list of top tips to help you achieve your best self in 2021.

Enhance your smile

One of the first things people notice about a person is her smile. Your face is your billboard.

It says a lot about you and your emotions. Everyone’s smile is wonderfully different.

There are a couple of ways to enhance your smile. The first is to whiten your teeth. You can do this at home or in your dentist’s office. A brighter smile immediately changes your smile.

The second is to straighten your smile. Although braces are more time-consuming, the results are worth it. The best orthodontic care will provide you with multiple options, timelines, and price points.

Revamp your wardrobe

After a year of working and learning from home in t-shirts and sweats, it’s time to revamp your daily wardrobe. It is time to clean out the closet.

Yes, you must look through what you have and think about donating or upcycling them to others. After you have done so, it’s time to add some spice and modern twists to your wardrobe. For more on 2021 fashion, check out these boutique dress trends.

Make healthy food and beverage choices

When you eat and drink healthy foods and beverages, it shows in your glow. From your skin to your energy levels, making the right healthy choices for your nourishment can help with looking and feeling your best.

When it comes to eating right, consider not only healthy food choices but also local ones. Spending in your community can help so many small businesses that might be at risk of closing soon.

Choose from locally sourced veggies, fruits, and proteins.  Remember that you are what you eat, but also what you drink. So, hydrate with plenty of water, limiting your caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

Add exercise to your routine

Just like eating and drinking right improves your energy and glow, so does exercise. Whether you already exercise or need to start getting active, make sure that you select an exercise that you enjoy. If you don’t like it, you won’t stick to it.

Ideally, it’s a combination of cardio, strength training, and stretching. Of course, only do so after getting your doctor’s approval, as they know your existing medical conditions and other factors to consider for your health and safety.

You can find a lot of online exercise classes to do at home. Alternatively, head outdoors. Go for a daily walk, run, or bike ride.

Set a sleep schedule

With our lives glued to our screens, whether phones, computers, or tablets, it is sometimes hard to turn off. Falling asleep and staying asleep are common ailments of most adults.

A solution is to set a sleep schedule for all week, not just the workdays. Also, try turning off all technology and screens an hour before bedtime. Yes, that means on the weekends too.

This routine will help you wind down and fall asleep. If you have continued issues, you may want to consider sleep supplements and/or tea.

Go on an adventure

Nothing makes you feel like a kid again than going someplace new or visiting a familiar place but in a different way. For example, take a tour of your neighborhood via skateboard or tandem bicycle. Or, head to the hills for a hike or a picnic.

There are many benefits to doing something that is out of the norm. Watch this TEDx talk for all three of the benefits.

Cheers to a New Year

2021 is the year to springboard from the topsy-turvy 2020. Why not take this opportunity to improve yourself? With the above tips, you can achieve fabulous.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best in 2021!


8 thoughts on “Top tips for looking and feeling your best in 2021”

  1. I think your last suggestion about experiencing something new is often energizing and can be fun. That would top my list after feeling so isolated in 2020. Cheers to new experiences in 2021!

  2. Great tips, Christy! I will be very happy to do everything, except fashion. I have subscribed to a couple of newsletters from fashion retailers and just read one of those newsletters. 250 euros for a very very simple T-shirt with a small designer logo ???? That was the cheap weekly offer. I am really going crazy! ;-) Have a nice day! Michael

  3. I decided to grow out my grey when the pandemic struck, figuring I wasn’t going to see a lot of people for while anyway. It’s now half way grown out and I’m looking a bit drab. Will try the teeth whitening. Thanks.

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