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3 holistic practices to explore

Holistic practices

If you are searching for new ways to look at your health, consider exploring the possibilities that come with holistic practices. While modern medicine is definitely a necessary component of our society, taking a hybrid approach to health can be useful. That means putting any cynicism aside for a moment to appreciate a different way of seeing your mind, body, and soul. Below are three holistic practices that are becoming more popular in the 21st century.

Let’s get started!

1. Chinese cupping therapy

Chinese cupping therapy is a component of massage that uses suction to draw blood to the skin’s surface. It can produce quite shocking-looking purple and red marks where the cups have been applied.

But, fear not; cupping is not particularly painful in practice. A cupping session can feel quite relaxing.

Why is cupping helpful? Chinese cupping therapy draws blood under the surface of the skin, which means that it brings oxygen and other helpful nutrients to painful or tense areas of muscle.

Cupping therapy is thought to be effective against general malaise, including chronic headaches, stiff shoulders, dizziness, and fatigue, among others. These signs and symptoms stem from anxiety, stress, and bodily pain. In addition, cupping therapy is also effective against neuralgia, high blood pressure, and rheumatism.

This activity can provide instant relief from knots, tensions, or inflexibility. Many modern massage therapists offer cupping as part of their services. Make sure you choose an experienced therapist to perform this holistic practice.

Even though the results look a little freaky, you could open up to a whole world of amazing muscular relaxation by trying cupping! It might be worth your time to try it.

2. More holistic practices: Iridology

If you’ve never heard of iridology, prepare to have your eyes opened. Yes, pun intended!

Iridology describes the practice of studying the iris of a person’s eye, and making observations about their health based on the analysis. While you might not believe in this practice, or at least not yet, it is a fascinating deep dive into different beliefs and practices around the body.

Just like reflexology, iridology is said to determine patients’ susceptibility to certain diseases. It might be interesting to explore this form of alternative medicine if you are looking to deepen your understanding of holistic practices.

The medical conditions that iridology can help detect include hyperthyroidism, hypertension, digestive problems, liver damage, and gallbladder problems. For example, a ring around your iris indicates hypertension or increased blood pressure. Iridology also claims to detect lymphatic health issues, allergic sensitivity, and inflammation.

3. Healing crystals

Countless people use healing crystals in different ways, for example, wearable crystal bracelets such as a jade Pixiu bracelet, which can dispel negative energy from their lives. The belief is that crystals radiate positive healing energy from the earth, as they come from deep in the earth.

When crystals are used correctly, users say, they bring the positive energy of the world into your life and body.

Different crystals have different meanings, according to those who believe in this practice. Some popular ones are:

  • Amethysts radiate calming, tranquil energy to bring peace to your life. This healing crystal carries metaphysical and spiritual power. Emitting a high vibration. it symbolizes balance, tranquility, and wisdom. Amethyst is a crown or head chakra crystal that helps improve concentration, intuition, and cognition.
  • Aquamarine is the stone of clarity; it is said to help you tackle the difficult things in life. This blue gemstone is a throat chakra crystal that can help soothe sore throats, reduce swollen glands, and reduce thyroid problem signs and symptoms. An aquamarine necklace may provide glorious healing vibes that can boost the immune system.
  • Citrine is a brightly-colored orange stone, meaning it has happiness and sunshine radiating from it.
  • This healing crystal links with manifestation and creative imagination because it’s a sacral chakra. Citrine helps detoxify the body and improve blood flow. It may also provide energy that beats sluggishness.

The properties of selenite crystal bring clarity to your mind and remove negative blockages from your energetic field. On a physical level, selenite helps you to detoxify your body and release all the impurities that exist within. This crystal has an association with the crown chakra and helps you to connect with universal consciousness.

To cynics, healing crystals are pointless. However, many people find them spiritually and physically uplifting when using them with the right intentions.

Final thoughts on holistic practices

Whether you are a certified cynic or a believer in spiritual and holistic healing practices, why not open yourself up to the possibility of holistic healing this year? You could discover a new hobby, practice, or belief that improves how you experience life.

Do you believe in holistic methods for helping health-wise? Have you ever used any of the three examples on the list above? Share your thoughts and experiences below!


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