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Announcing the Lilla Rose giveaway winner!

Giveaway winner announced

Thanks to everyone who entered the Lilla Rose clip giveaway last week! It was a big success, and it was also fun to collaborate with Cindi at The Messy Bun Mafia. Cindi drew the winner and…

((Drumroll please))

The winner is…

Tanya won! Cindi chose the winner using a random name selector and will notify the lucky winner to explain how to get her freebie over at the Lilla Rose shop online.

It was fun to collaborate with another writer, offer free stuff, and also feel the excitement here and on social media. Have you ever been a part of hosting a giveaway?

Hopefully, you also got a chance to check out The Messy Bun Mafia for Cindi’s haircare tips, fun videos, and more.

To you all

I also want to take this opportunity to say that I hope you all are doing okay during this first part of 2021. It has already dealt some big curveballs to some people I know, so I imagine it has done the same to some readers here.

Please know that you will get through this and for every valley there is a better time ahead waiting, even though it might not feel like it at the time. As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.”

Stay safe xx


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