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Kid style: 5 trendy outfit ideas to inspire parents

Kid style matches mom

With a New Year comes a new season of style trends, even for kids’ clothing! Style is a great way to express personalities, and, yes, that applies to youngsters too. Here are 5 great outfit ideas for kids that are on-trend and don’t sacrifice comfort or practicality. Get ready for the inspo, parents!

1. Matching outfits are back

Matching outfits are back in style this year. And thankfully so as most parents could do with saving some time getting ready in the morning!

These types of outfits already come paired in complementary colors. That takes all the guesswork out of dressing your little one! Or, maybe they’re at the age when you’re showing them how to dress in the morning.

For boys, try a colorful yellow sweatshirt matched with olive green cargo pants. For girls, choose from some fantastic shirt & leggings combos in matching stripes, polka dots, or floral prints. Since the outfit is already paired for you, feel free to get creative on the sneakers you choose to go with the outfit!

2. Kid style: Floral patterns for the win

Floral shirts, floral dresses, and floral swimwear… Yes, it’s official, florals are on-trend this season for kids!

Especially adorable are the wide variety of floral dresses and leggings available for girls, in both pastel and bold colors. Shop for floral styles with Carter’s coupon from BravoDeal to save a bit and stay within the family budget. A floral dress is a great investment as it’s easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

For playtime at the park, pair her floral sundress or a pair of floral leggings with a comfortable pair of gladiator sandals. Choose lightweight cotton material for the dress and a pair of comfortable yet snug sandals. Both items are perfect for running and playing in!

What about if the occasion is a little more special? A great combo is a floral dress with a stylish pair of golden ballet flats.

3. More matching outfits for the whole family

For all you parents who have been dying to match clothes with your kids, you’re in luck! Matching family outfits have made a huge comeback.

If you’re not ready to dive headfirst into a pair of matching alligator onesies, try matching shirt and pant colors or patterns like stripes. There are so many stylish shirts available in bold, bright colors and cooler, more toned-down prints.

For girls, try a dress in a light pastel color, like pink or purple. For boys, consider a button-up shirt in a classic red or blue.

When dressing your child in a bold pattern, it’s often best to keep the rest of the outfit more subdued, so it doesn’t clash with the bold print. Try a white sneaker as it’ll match any pattern.

4. Graphic tees bring great kids style

Graphic tees have always been popular with adults, but did you know that they are a hit with children now too? Kids can show off their favorite superheroes, movie stars, and cartoon characters through bold graphic t-shirts.

With so many kid-friendly prints out there, it can be fun for your little ones to express their creativity and individuality by letting them pick out the t-shirt themselves. Once you have chosen a tee, pair it with a simple pair of jeans or cargo pants so that the focus remains on the t-shirt.

An adorable kid style trend is to dress up a casual tee and jeans with a more “adult” pair of shoes. It could be little leather boat shoes or even a pair of high-top boots. Investing in quality children’s clothing is worth it.

5. Can’t go wrong with overalls

I saved the best for last! You might be surprised to hear that overalls are the final trendy outfit idea on the list. It may seem silly considering that overalls have been a kid’s fashion staple since, well, practically forever. But, this season, they are being styled in completely innovative and trendy ways.

Here’s a great example. Try matching a pair of off-white overalls with a matching button-up shirt for a fun mix of casual and formal. To take the cuteness level over the top, try matching a shirt and overalls combo with a little pair of faux fur-trimmed boots!

Which of these ideas is your favorite, and why? Is kid style something that you think about as a parent, or do you look solely at practicality when dressing your little one in the morning?

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