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4 surprising ways to live green on a budget

Drapes in home: Live green on a budget

There are a few people who are truly against the notion of living a life that is more environmentally friendly. Those who seem skeptical just typically have a few misgivings, and none is more common than being concerned about the cost of it all. However, being cost-effective with your eco-friendly living isn’t just possible, it’s becoming more and more accessible. Here are a few ways to live green on a budget that you might not have considered, yet.

Don’t rely as much on your HVAC

All of your appliances have the potential to increase your energy bills dramatically if you fail to switch them off while you’re not using them. Yet, few are quite as energy-hungry as your heating and air conditioning systems.

There are plenty of ways to make the home better at maintaining a decent temperature without having to turn these on. For example, see if you can get a cheaper rate for the insulation process by applying for local grants.

Also, try using things like draft excluders and heavier drapes to keep the warm air from escaping the home. Here are three more tips for how to live green on a budget:

Harnessing the power of the sun

It’s not just about how you use your energy, but how you get it as well. Solar has been the go-to example of renewable energy that has made green living much more possible. But, the costs have always made it hard to justify the initial investment.

However, solar installation is more affordable now than it has ever been. That is in part thanks to things like tax credits that can reduce the initial system cost.

Plus, solar power can help you save significant money over time. That is because it can reduce household energy bills, potentially saving thousands of dollars per year in a primarily sunny climate.

Live green on a budget by conserving water

It’s not just about how you use energy, either. Your water usage counts just as much towards your environmental footprint too.

To that end, there are low-cost water-saving faucets and other accessories that you can install to easily use less water. You don’t necessarily need to invest even that much to reduce your water usage either as many models are affordable. So, it’s a great way to live green on a budget.

Avoiding water wastage, such as taking baths or not using a full load when doing the laundry, are also great energy-saving activities. If you garden, then collect greywater and rainwater properly in basins to avoid having to run the outdoor faucets.

Building eco-friendly

When it comes to a new home, the building might seem like one of the most expensive options. However, there are eco-friendly solutions that are making it a lot cheaper.

If you can find the space, self-builds can even be more cost-effective than buying a home. It can be a much safer investment too as many new residences come with a warranty, and you’re not inheriting problems that can come with an older place, such as mold and rot.

Homes can be built to save costs from the very start. Of course, you need to make sure that you’re working with a team that is experienced in green builds.

Living green on a budget conclusions

As long as people keep investing in green technologies, they will become increasingly more cost-effective. Hopefully, the above points demonstrate that now’s a great time to start looking at how to make your home much more efficient than ever. Find more sustainable living tips here.

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  1. I agree with you Christy. People associate green living with being expensive but it doesn’t have to be. One of the things that bugs me is seeing blog posts like “Zero-waste essentials” or “Things you need to buy to go green”. I suppose that’s affiliate marketing at its worst. Personally, I spend less money since I started my eco-friendly living journey. There are a lot of everyday things that I no longer buy.

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