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Multiple missing teeth? 3 dental replacement options

Dental replacement options for missing teeth

If you are missing multiple teeth, you might be embarrassed about your smile. If so, the good news is that there are more dental options to replace missing teeth than ever before. You do not have to be ashamed of your smile any longer; now you can finally take charge of your oral health. Below are three popular dental replacement options, including dental implants for multiple missing teeth, and what they involve, to help you move forward in the process.

Fixed or removable?

The dental options to replace missing teeth fall into two categories. They are fixed or removable.

Fixed dental replacement options mean that the restoration does not come out of your mouth. There are also removable options, meaning that you take the restoration out of your mouth to clean and while asleep.

3 dental replacement options

The most common types are:

1. Implants for multiple missing teeth

Dentists are having more patients than ever ask about dental implants. These are great restorations that can replace a single missing tooth. There are also dental implants for multiple missing teeth in different parts of your mouth.

A single implant has a crown attached to it and looks like a natural tooth. For patients who are missing two or more teeth, though, implants are still an option. All on 4 dental implants are a system designed to help people without teeth get their smiles back.

This treatment involves four dental implants being placed in the mouth, and a denture snaps into place on the implants. This technique provides more stability and retention for the false teeth.

2. Dentures

A doctor at Central Texas Periodontics can discuss denture options with a patient, including implant-supported dentures. There are also dental replacement options for patients who do not want to go the implant route, but these dentures are typically less secure.

However, for some patients, dentures can be the best option. With denture care, it is important that the patient removes the denture every night and cleans it well.

Proper cleaning and care help prevent oral infections. In general, it helps to keep the patient’s mouth as healthy as possible.

3. Bridges: Dental option to replace multiple missing teeth

If you are missing a single tooth and are not a candidate for dental implants, a fixed bridge might be an option to consider. With this restoration, the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are crowned, and a false tooth, or pontic, is attached (bridged) between them.

Dental bridge replacement options close the gap, and the end result is a natural-looking restorative device. The patient can eat with the teeth just as they would with natural teeth.

Plus, most people will not even know that the teeth have been crowned. So, they don’t have to know unless you tell them.

Dental replacement options conclusions

Dentistry is a profession that continues to evolve and adapt, and there are more care options for patients with every need. A thorough discussion with a dentist can help you determine what option is right for you.

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