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Meet Hourman Rick Tyler, the bad boy of Stargirl

Hourman Rick Tyler, CW show Stargirl

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the CW show, Stargirl. If you haven’t seen this series yet, it features high school student Courtney Whitmore. Played by Brec Bassinger, Cuortney or “Stargirl” is a superheroine who leads the new Justice Society of America. For those who love watching superheroes, this is one to check out. This spotlight is on Hourman Rick Tyler.

Who is he?

Every superhero show needs a villan and Stargirl is no exception. Meet Hourman, the bad boy of the Modern Age Justice Society of America (Modern Age JSA). Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, with dead parents and an abusive uncle who blames him for being a burden, he really didn’t have a chance.

Geoff Johns’ version of Hourman, Rick Tyler, is very different than his father and the former Hourman Rex Tyler. He has his own agenda, according to Geoff.


Hourman Rick Tyler, played by Cameron Gellman, is the epitome of an angry bad boy with a chip on his shoulder. He’s quiet and an admitted juvenile delinquent.

The first time you see him, he’s stealing school property. The second time you see him, he’s defacing it. Rick admits to being angry all the time and is the classic loner, quiet and withdrawn.

You don’t immediately see that Rick is tortured by loss or by an emotionally abusive uncle. The death of his parents weighs heavily on him and he can’t seem to shake it. He’s an expert at alienating other people and doesn’t hesitate to voice his cynical attitude to the rest of the world.

Strengths and weaknesses

Rick is a highly intelligent person despite his attempts to hide it. He’s also an expert mechanic, skilled at carving and hand to hand combat. Even without his powerful hourglass, he is physically strong and fit.

His temper gets in his way most of the time. He makes rash decisions that get him and the group into trouble. He also lacks any formal training, which puts him at a disadvantage despite his strength.

Hourman and the hourglass

He gets his codename from the hourglass his father built. It gives him super strength but only for an hour a day. During that hour, he can lift tons with little or no effort. He is also incredibly durable.

He can hit and get hit without being hurt. Due to his strength and durability, he can leap extreme distances, as well.

He wears the hourglass on a chain around his neck and flips it when he wants to start the hour. Once the hour is over, he goes back to his normal self without any ill effects.

The reason for the hour time limit is that Rick’s father knew that the strength was too much power for anyone to handle. More than an hour and a person could become addicted and corrupted. It is also tied to the DNA of Rex Tyler and Rick Tyler (Hourman), so only they can use it.

The journal

Pat Dugan gives Rick his father’s journal, a complex puzzle that eventually leads Rick to his parent’s killer. He does eventually crack the code, uncovering a complex set of tunnels and an individual named Solomon Grundy.

Solomon was once a wealthy man until his murder and resurrection 50 years later. Now he’s a killer zombie who simply does what he is told. This includes killing Rex and Wendi Tyler. He is super fast, super strong and super durable, but not very smart.

Despite vowing to kill Solomon Grundy, Rick Tyler ultimately lets him go. He realizes that Solomon is not just a mindless zombie, but is more like a frightened animal.

A bit more about Hourman Rick Tyler

As the bad boy of the Modern Age Justice Society of America, Rick Tyler also grows considerably as part of the team. Although still quiet, withdrawn and cynical, he is also protective. As you will see, solving the riddle of his parents’ death calms him considerably.

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