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3 common hearing problems and remedies

3 common hearing loss problems

Ear issues happen, no matter how young or old you are. They can be very uncomfortable if left untreated for long periods of time. Thankfully, the following 3 common hearing loss problems do not often cause long-term issues. But their short-term discomfort can feel unbearable. Here are ear issues you might experience at some point and ways to deal with them.

Ear infections

Ear infections are one of the most common causes of many ear discomforts you can experience in life. Often they clear up on their own, but you may experience some pain until it is gone.

There are two types of ear infections:

  • Inner ear infections
  • Outer ear infections

Inner ear infections usually occur in children because their Eustachian tubes are smaller than adults. These tubes connect the eardrum to the back of the nose. Thus, if your child gets a virus or cold, an ear infection is likely to follow closely behind it.

One thing to note is that an ear infection is one of the common hearing problems out there and typically goes away with the help of an audiologist. If the symptoms do not improve within three days or if some fluid discharges from the ear, consult the specialist so they can prescribe antibiotics to remedy the situation.

On the other hand, outer ear infections typically affect people between the ages of 45 to 75. Outer ear infections involve the ear canal. The cause is usually a bacterial infection of the skin of the canal, a fungus, or yeast.

Sometimes, earplugs and hearing aids can cause outer ear infections. If that happens, your doctor might prescribe antibiotic ear drops to treat the bacteria.

Steroid ear drops can reduce swelling, antifungal ear drops if there is a fungal infection. The physician might recommend antibiotic tablets if your infection is a severe one.

Common hearing loss problems include glue ear

What is glue ear? It happens when the middle ear fills with a sticky substance that is glue-like in the ear.

Hence the name. All this sticky fluid makes the tiny bones inside your ear impossible to carry sound vibrations to the cochlea.

This situation can cause hearing loss. Glue ear typically affects children between one to six years old. Believe it or not, it can clear up on its own in about six to 10 weeks.

If the symptoms last longer than three months, you may need to seek professional help for your auditory health. A doctor will be able to treat the infection by placing a temporary hearing aid until it clears up.

Ear congestion

Ear congestions is also known as ear-popping. It happens when Eustachian tube clogs up. This scenario can lead to a feeling of pressure in the ear. It’s discomforting and can make things sound muffled.

To treat this one on the list of 3 common hearing problems, give yourself a nasal decongestant and gently blow your nose. You could also use a nasal rinse, which feels strange but can be very helpful.

Do not smoke or use a humidifier during this time. Why? The dry air can irritate your dry nasal passages, worsening the issue. Instead, try to stay as hydrated as possible to help thin the nasal mucus.

Finally, for those who have allergies, consider taking an antihistamine. It helps to control allergy symptoms that may be the cause of your ear congestion.

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