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3 ideas for a no grass front yard

no grass front yard with turf

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A well-manicured lawn may look beautiful, but it can be difficult to maintain and costly. You can save money and make your yard more environmentally friendly by swapping grass with some of these other options. Here are 3 ideas for a no grass front yard:


One advantage of substituting gravel for grass in your yard is that it is relatively inexpensive and simple to put into place. It is easy to find gravel that complements the color and style of your house too.

Pet owners will find that it takes less effort to clean waste from gravel than from grass too. However, gravel can look a bit dull if there are no trees, fountains, statues or structures like Charming Bench pergolas around it.

The rock fragments can also be dangerous for small children. They can get injured if they fall on it or they can choke on the granules if they put the pieces in their mouths.

Mulch for a no grass front yard

Wood mulch is available at most home improvement stores. Sometimes, landscaping companies will even give you mulch at no cost.

Wood mulch can give your yard a charming, rustic look. It also decomposes, which fertilizes the soil below. However, this means that you will have to add more mulch as that process happens.

Did you know that mulch can also be made of rubber? It is usually manufactured from old tires.

That may sound unpleasant, but rubber mulch actually comes in many colors and shapes, which is cool. It can even look similar to wood mulch.

The advantage to the rubber variety is that you will not need to add more mulch to your yard for many years. However, rubber mulch is much more costly than wood mulch for a no grass front yard. So, if you are on a budget then keep this point in mind.


What if you want grass in your yard, instead of gravel or mulch? In this case, artificial turf may be the best choice for you.

It is safer for children to play on than gravel. Plus, unlike real grass, turf will stay green and will not need as much work from you to maintain it. It has a lush look that complements the single-family home.

Like rubber mulch, artificial grass will last for years. That makes it a high-value product for a no grass front yard.

It is usually more expensive than gravel or mulch, though. You do need to clean it regularly too.

Now you know three options for a “no mow” yard. Turf, mulch, and gravel are all popular options for homeowners. Decide which one is the best for you by weighing the pros and cons, as well as looking at what will offer the best curb appeal.

Do you have a no grass front yard or would you consider doing this landscaping project?

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  1. Great ideas, Christy!
    We are thinking of growing a beautiful ground cover we’ve come across in a small area where we currently have grass growing. Anything to save on maintenance.
    And no, I had no idea regarding the ‘rubber mulch’. What a fabulous idea. I will definitely investigate.

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