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How to learn saxophone: The guide for your first sax

How to learn first sax

Are you wondering how to learn saxophone? Lessons are a great way for you to learn this instrument that is so rewarding to play. An online format for lessons is ideal for those who want to maximize the little free time they have, as well as those who don’t have the cash for expensive private tutoring. A lot of people also simply prefer this online learning on their first sax as they can tailor it to suit them, doing it when they have time in the day and rewatching videos as often as they like.

How to learn saxophone: It begins with choosing the right instrument for you

But, before you try your hand at online saxophone lessons, you are going to need to get yourself a saxophone. There are many different things you need to consider when doing so.

First, you need to determine what type of saxophone you are going to buy. The four main types are:

  • Alto
  • Tenor
  • Baritone
  • Soprano

Alto saxophones tend to be the best option for beginners, as they are easier to play and they are the smallest of the four saxophones mentioned.

You should also go for a student or beginner saxophone when you are just starting out. If you dive straight in and buy a professional saxophone it will likely be too difficult to use.

It is also important to take the time to read the feedback that has been left about any saxophone you are considering buying now or in the near future. These reviews can alert you to any red flags, if there are any, and can potentially save you from wasting your money on something of bad quality.

The material of your first sax is also important. Most saxophones are made with yellow brass bodies.

However, some of them do come with necks, bells, and/or bodies that are made of sterling silver, copper, or bronze. While these add tone, they also add cost and aren’t a necessity for those taking beginner music lessons.

Reasons to buy your first sax online

Should you purchase your saxophone over the Internet or is this something you should buy in-store? Read on to discover the benefits associated with going for the former option.

Firstly, one of the main benefits of buying online is the fact that it is more cost-efficient, which is one of the reasons why so many people opt for online music lessons. By buying over the Internet, you will be able to hunt for a better deal.

Plus, music stores will be competing with each other on a national and even global basis, which leads to reduced prices as they attempt to undercut one another. You will also have a much greater selection of saxophones to choose from when you purchase on the Internet.

On the other hand, if you buy from a local music store, you will be limited in your selection. That means you may need to compromise on your wants, and that’s not advisable for your first sax.

It is so important to get the perfect saxophone for your online saxophone lessons otherwise you could quickly lose motivation. A lot of people worry about buying online encase they are not happy with the instrument they receive.

However, you have much more information at your disposal and all of the time in the world to make a decision, which should lead you to purchase a better instrument. Plus, you have the option of returning the item for added peace of mind.

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How to play your first sax with more expression

Saxophone lessons online are available for beginners as well as those who have experience and simply want to advance their skills. No matter what category you fall into, playing with expression and soul is something you will want to achieve in the long run. Below are some top tips for achieving this goal as you progress in your journey to learn the saxophone.

Firstly, you should always make sure you take the time to get inspired by reading, watching, and lessons. Online music lessons aren’t only about practicing the instrument yourself, but also about gaining the inspiration you need to become better.

You have so many resources available to you nowadays, from online videos to books. Take advantage of them! However, do be mindful of over-listening, as this can cause hearing issues, especially when playing all of the time. Book a hearing aid evaluation at the earliest opportunity if you are worried about any issues.

You should also try to paint a picture and tell a story every time you play a piece. Rather than expressing your feelings, take people on a journey, using things like dynamics and melody to do so.

A few more tips on how to learn saxophone

Another thing you should do during your online saxophone lessons is practice playing back phrases from your favorite singers. This is beneficial because you will be familiar with their expression and thus you can master that, to begin with.

It is also advisable to get some sound effects under your belt, as this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add expression. This includes the likes of altissimo, split tones, overtones, half-tonguing, and flutter tonguing.

Finally, get used to starting and stopping notes in style. You need to notice the way you release and attack notes.

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