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3 reasons why kiln dried timber is best for home improvement projects

Kiln dried timber for DIY

Kiln dried timber is wood that has been dried out using an oven. Kilns can create an environment that is controlled for temperature, humidity, and steam for a set time period. Kilns, therefore, ensure that wood can be dried to the desired moisture content faster than air-drying.

Generally, purchasing kiln dried wood ensures that you are spending your money on high quality goods. It is because of this that kiln dried wood is often a popular choice for home improvement projects. Below are three of the most convenient benefits of using kiln dried wood.

1. Kiln dried timber is warp resistant

One of the biggest advantages of using Kiln Dried Wood for home improvement projects is that it is highly resistant to warping. Put simply, when wood is wet, it becomes more flexible, but once dry it is hard and stiff. When weight is placed on wood, this leads to a build up of pressure.

However, if the wood becomes moist, the pressure will cause it to bend. As the wood eventually dries out, any bending will be retained. Consequently, over time this can cause the lumber to crack or become too warped to repair. Kiln dried lumber is unlikely to flex enough to cause any serious issues.

Furthermore, using wood that takes on too much moisture can decrease the longevity of your floors, tiles, or any other wooden accents. Conversely, kiln dried timber ensures that the wood has reached it equilibrium moisture content (EMC) and cannot gain or lose moisture.

This makes it great for most environments as it is almost guaranteed that the wood will not lose its structural integrity. It’s no secret that extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your home, so investing in kiln dried wood can protect the integrity of your property, no matter what the weather is today.

2. Consistent quality

Kiln dried wood is treated in a highly controlled environment using a continuous flow of air. This guarantees that the wood is dried in a uniform way.

While it’s tempting to think that textured wood that has not been processed looks authentic, woods that have not been treated are usually inconsistent in quality and this can cause the wood to wear differently over time. Ideally, you want the home improvement project to stand the test of time, and investing in wood that is consistent can do so, as well as having an attractive finish.

When dried in a kiln, each board is likely to have a consistent look. Additionally, kiln-dried timber is typically more durable than untreated varieties. Kiln drying the wood makes it strong enough to withstand the milling process that is later used to give wood a polished appearance.

Buying wood that is more likely to last from the start of your project can also save you money that would otherwise be spent on replacement costs at a later date. All of this makes kiln dried firewood a sensible choice from a maintenance perspective.

3. Eliminate insects with kiln dried timber

As a natural product, there is always a possibility that when purchasing wood for a home improvement project, your boards might be home to bugs or their eggs. Quite often wood has been left outside for long periods of time and therefore there is a high chance that insects might be living inside it.

Drying out wood in a kiln totally eliminates any unwanted pests from the wood by using high temperatures that insects cannot withstand. Dealing with pests in this way also stops them from making an unwanted appearance in your home.

When using untreated wood, the chances of unwillingly inviting insects into your property increase substantially. Not only are bugs unsanitary, but they can even damage your wood, as well as other areas in your home.

Insects typically prefer green woods that retain moisture and therefore drying wood in a kiln can deter them. Horntail wasps, beetles, and termites are some of the most common wood-boring pests that can be eliminated by kiln drying. Therefore, investing in this type of wood slabs can limit your chances of encountering any unwanted bugs in your home.

Concluding thoughts as you upgrade your house

Ultimately, using kiln dried timber for your home improvement project ensures that the pieces you have chosen will have a long life. Above all, it is less prone to warping and premature degradation. Thus, investing in treated wood can improve the aesthetics, longevity, and maintenance costs of your project.

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