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Can you sue your car manufacturer if airbags don’t activate in an accident?

Sue car manufacturer airbag issue

Due to how vital the innovation known as the airbag is, it makes sense why one would want to have working ones in their vehicle. But what happens if there’s some sort of error that prevents your airbag from successfully deploying during an accident? You may or may not be able to sue your car manufacturer. Let’s talk product liability.

Airbags matter

Did you know that when it comes to cars, airbags are one of the most important safety features? While it’s true that airbags have the potential to cause injuries during a car accident, they are also known to help minimize the extent of one’s injuries mid-accident and, ultimately, help save the individual’s life. There’s no denying the importance of an airbag.

So, when can you sue a car manufacturer? Here are the scenarios:

You or your passenger must have had to suffer severe injuries as a result.

You can’t just sue your car manufacturer over an issue that has not affected you or your passenger or that has vaguely been a hazard.

However, if you and/or your passenger has dealt with severe injuries as a result of an airbag not properly activating during a vehicular accident, whether that injury be physical, emotional, or financial, a lawsuit against your car manufacturer may absolutely be something worth looking into and can possibly result in financial compensation to cover the costs of those injuries.

It must be proven that the airbag is, in fact, defective. That’s product liability.

Do you have an older vehicle that hasn’t had its airbags replaced? Or, did you previously crash your vehicle but never had new, working airbags installed?

These situations don’t call for a lawsuit as this upkeep is your responsibility, but for an airbag that should otherwise be in good, working condition but is actually deemed defective, this would involve product liability.

It should also be mentioned that if you were injured as a result of an airbag failure due to it being defective, you can still sue the manufacturer whether or not the item has already been recalled, even if you were previously aware of such recall.

The injuries you or your passenger received must be worsened or caused by the airbag.

There’s no doubt that car accidents can certainly lead to possible injuries from bruises to broken bones. However, in order for a lawsuit against a car manufacturer to be successful, it must be proven for certain that the airbag defect did, in fact, cause physical injuries and/or worsen injuries during a collision.

Do you wish to sue your car manufacturer after an airbag failed to eject after a vehicular accident? It’s time to get a consultation with one of the best and brightest car accident lawyers to see what your legal options are.

Conclusion on whether you can sue a car manufacturer

Safety always comes first, hence why car manufacturers must be very careful to put out a product (i.e., a car) that is unsafe to operate. In the event that your airbag isn’t active during an accident, this can, but won’t always be, potential grounds for a lawsuit. Know your rights, and seek justice if and when you’re able to, especially when safety is involved.

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