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Women, venture capital, and the gains being made

Venture capital and women

For many women, raising venture capital is an uphill battle. This is just one barrier among many to starting and growing a successful business. Yet, female founders don’t let that stop them. Powerful women everywhere are breaking ground to prove they deserve a seat at the table.

Let’s first take a look at the numbers related to women in venture capital, then how female entrepreneurs are gaining ground to navigate a largely male-dominated industry (even to this day).

Women in venture capital

Funding a business is one of the most crucial elements of growth. Did you know less than 10% of decision-makers at VC firms are female?

The gender gap is significant across the US. However, it’s not just significant in how many work at or run venture capital firms, but also in the lack of funds being invested in female-led businesses.

Only 2.3% of total investments in the U.S. have gone to companies founded by women. Despite this, women everywhere are breaking the glass ceiling by leading powerful female-led venture capital funds. These are just a few to out for:

    • BBG Ventures
    • Halogen Ventures
    • SoGal
    • Female Founders Fund

Get inspired by female founders

Venture capital women and those who are starting or growing organizations in other areas can find power in reaching out and connecting with other women. Whether it’s for tangible advice or insights on entrepreneurship, female leaders provide valuable insight from what they’ve learned along the way.

Check out a guide by Embroker for nine inspirational quotes from female founders of venture capital firms. Below are some insights on how to succeed:

  • Reach out to female-led VC firms for support.
  • Have a clear understanding of your financials and numbers.
  • Build a support system of mentors and financial experts.
  • Have confidence! You know your business the best.

When you struggle with self-confidence in your business, who do you look to for inspiration, or how do you start to feel better? Share your tips below! Also, find inspiration in these amazing women in financial history.

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