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4 confidence-boosting tips you need to read today

Confidence boosting tips

Gaining confidence takes some work, and we can all use a boost here and there during times when self-esteem is at a low point. A loss of confidence could be circumstantial, too. Maybe you’re questioning yourself after a relationship failed, you lost your job, or you’re stuck in the comparison trap. If so, you’re likely looking for confidence-boosting tips that actually work. And you’ll find four strategies below.

Feeling less than confident: It happens

Here’s the thing: You’re human! Every woman would agree that they experience dips in confidence.

Confidence makes you feel good, and it’s also a tool for crafting the life you want. With the help of self-confidence tips, you’re able to achieve goals, build relationships, do more and simply enjoy your life!

So how do you pick yourself up after falling into self-loathing? How do you learn to like yourself?

If your self-esteem is in a rut, here are some tips to help you start believing in yourself, so you don’t have to sit on the passenger side of your life. Grab the wheel and steer your life toward the one you’re proud of!

4 confidence-boosting tips:

1. Find your tribe & thrive

It’s important to have a support system made up of like-minded people who accept and like you for who you are and who can share in your experiences. True friends will lend an ear for you to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, and a voice of reason.

Find a social circle where you can feel comfortable and cherish those who understand and uplift you. Also, make sure to give back! Support your friend or family member when they’re down, too.

2. More self-confidence tips: Befriend your wardrobe

Speaking of friends, turn your wardrobe into an ally. Many women are at war with their closets — filled with “goal weight” clothes (clothes you’ll wear once you finally lose weight), items that you hide in (like oversized shirts and neutral colors), or decades-old clothes because you’re scared to shop for new ones.

Life’s too short to not enjoy what you wear! So say goodbye to what doesn’t bring you joy and wear clothes you feel good in, like the essential little black dress, a killer pair of jeans and tops in which you feel radiant.

When you wear clothes that feel great, you’re more likely to stand tall and confident. That’s one way to stand out, and here are some other suggestions:

3. Invest in career growth

If there’s one thing that sparks confidence, it’s an accomplishment. That’s why improving your career makes the confidence-boosting tips list here.

Setting a goal, and achieving it, provides proof that you’re a determined woman who’s capable of succeeding. There are many reasons to go the professional route, too: Reaching milestones throughout your career can yield increased earnings and a higher position.

Additionally, you can gain validation knowing you have what it takes to excel in your career. Where can you find professional development opportunities? Look for online certification programs, take a class at a local college, make connections while networking, or attend conferences and seminars.

4. Stop saying you’re sorry

Sorry has become an unnecessary word in our everyday vocabulary. Someone bumps into you on the street, and you apologize for it!

Over-apologizing is a reflex, and you may not even realize you’re saying it so often. Every time you needlessly apologize, you’re weakening and downplaying yourself.

“Don’t be surprised if there’s nothing left of your confidence at the end of the day, because you’ve given it away with every needless, useless apology,” says TEDx speaker Maja Jovanovic. To break this bad habit, catch yourself saying it. Then use phrases like, “excuse me” or “thank you” instead, or say nothing at all.

Be kind to yourself

The great thing about confidence is that any woman can have it — it just requires effort sometimes. Eventually, you’ll have to learn to empower yourself, and you certainly can’t rely on anyone else to make you proud of and happy with who you are.

Daily affirmations can help too, and remember to always be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion while giving yourself some grace. Start using the self-confidence tips explained above today.

12 thoughts on “4 confidence-boosting tips you need to read today”

  1. This is SUCH a wonderful blog you’ve got here! I love it and am glad that I’ve stumbled upon it.

    This post is nothing short of amazing. I really needed to read this, and I couldn’t resist but to save it, as well. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts! I hope you have a fantastic night and a beautiful tomorrow! 🥰❤

  2. ‘Sorry’ is something you have to consciously start to realise you’re saying I think because many of us do it all the damn time, even when we shouldn’t need to. I say sorry when someone pushes past me, it just happens automatically! Really good suggestions – I actually talked about the wardrobe one a couple of days ago with another blogger, saying I’ll have to start wearing my nice clothes around the house or to the supermarket as they won’t get worn again otherwise, especially with the lockdown! xx

    1. It’s easy to just live in sleepwear and yoga pants ;) But I find when I wear something dressed up that I hold myself more confidently. I know what you’re saying about how the word sorry is something we say out of habit… Great comment, Caz!

  3. Learning to be kind to myself is a valuable lesson. So many unintentional acts of self blame or self sabotage in the thoughts all day!

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