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5 methods of unlocking creativity, even when uninspired

unlocking creativity

Do you feel as though you’re quite a creative individual or one that could do with unlocking the potential you already have? Well, if you’re the latter, then perhaps the following points on unlocking creativity can help you.

On skills and talents

We all have different skills that we can use to our advantage from time to time. Every single person has something that is exclusive to them; we are all exceptional at, at least, one thing.

If you feel as though you don’t really have a talent, then you just haven’t found it yet. We’re all absolutely amazing as individuals, and you’ll find your talent sooner or later.

While we have specific skills that are personal to each of us, we also share skills – basic to intermediate ones that make us all human. One of those traits we all share is creativity.

Creativity is used in so many instances of life. It can help with lots of real-life issues, as well as professional and recreational ones.

Unlocking creativity happens when you start writing

You have to understand that you have all the creativity locked in your subconscious right now from everything you experienced in life. You’ve picked things up likely without even realizing it.

If you grab a piece of paper or load up a blank canvas on a computer, then you have the floor to come up with whatever you want; you can create anything in your little (or large) world. If you can play music, then write some of your own.

Write a little story. Start a blog. Over time, you’ll improve on these things as you’ll gain confidence. It doesn’t have to be perfect; nobody’s artistic side is, and that’s part of the beauty of it.

Unlocking creativity: Speak with like-minded creatives

If you interact with people of a creative nature, you’ll pick things up yourself. You’ll listen to the way they talk and how they behave too.

They’ll use descriptive wording and allow you to imagine things using their vocab. They’ll also encourage you to be a little more creative with your life – you are who you hang out with, as they say.

Check out some of the awesome content online

The internet is crammed full of amazing and artistic content. YouTube can show you all kinds.

There are millions of articles that describe different things. You can also look at online art galleries if that kind of purchase seems like something you’d commit to. It’s like a never-ending pit of creative inspiration.

Surround yourself in what you’re aiming for

Similar to the idea of hanging around with the right people, keeping artistic things around your home or office will encourage you to be that way inclined. Again, you are your surroundings, so you’ll unconsciously become what you see around you.

For example, print out these powerful quotes from women creatives to inspire you and hang them on the wall. Their words will remind you of what is possible and what opportunities you can pursue.

Unlocking creativity: Don’t be afraid to daydream and visualize

Visualization and imagination are basically the foundations of being creative. The more you see going on in your head, the more you’ll be able to put out onto the world in some way, shape, or form.

If you block out your own thoughts, then you’re only going to deny that creative side. Instead, allow your mind to wander and you’ll find unlocking creativity happens!

7 thoughts on “5 methods of unlocking creativity, even when uninspired”

  1. I absolutely love that you are challenging us to be more creative, Christy! Nurturing our creativity only fuels us into finding our purpose in life. Our purpose then brings out our passion. Our passion brings prosperity!

    These are all amazing reminders. We are definitely influenced by the people in our lives. When we are surrounded by naysayers, it’s very hard to remain motivated or maintain confidence in who we are, and what we do. I know this from personal experience, unfortunately. Self-doubt has a way of creeping in and taking over when there aren’t any outside voices to challenge it. Having those in our lives who are also creatives, gives them an opportunity to speak positive reinforcements into our lives from a place of understanding.

    You’re right – we do pick up much more than we realize throughout our lives. These lessons may seem simple or trivial to us, but for someone else, they may be a life-saver! Or, it could be the humor they need to brighten their days. We must stop downplaying our value. You never know who is waiting to hear from us!

    I love how you describe the blank canvas of a pen and paper, or a fresh document on the computer. What a brilliant way to bring to mind all the possibilities. Even more, I love how you remind us all of our exceptional nature. We are all important, talented, needed and cherished. It would serve us well to remember that!

    YOU are most certainly loved, valued and appreciated by me. Thank you for all you do, your support and encouragement. You’ve played a huge role in my life and I’m grateful. ♥

  2. Yes, I truly believe that your skills and talents are very different from your passion. Sometimes you need to find out what your gift is, rather than what you want to do in life, and see how you can put them both together.

    And how do you know what your gift is? It’s something that people have complimented you on since you were young.

    Find that gift and hone it, and I believe that the creativity will naturally follow. Thanks for sharing this, Christy!

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