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World Speech Day Morocco Highlights Women’s Voices

World Speech Day Morocco

World Speech Day of Morocco will take place very soon! The event scheduled for June 17th will feature female perspectives on the post-coronavirus (COVID-19) world.

This latest event from WSD will happen at 3pm (Casablanca, Morocco time). What excitement!

This event will feature women’s voices from around the world, and you can watch it live for free. It is all about celebrating speech and shining the spotlight on changes to the world following the coronavirus outbreak.

What will the world of tomorrow look like? WSD Morocco combines voices and perceptions on this topic within a virtual event that will stream live. The resilient society we hope for after Covid-19 is a big topic on the agenda.

Get inspired

This crisis challenged us and made us reconsider our priorities and our choices… How to reorganize all this, how to improve our life, and how to re-humanize our world?

Each of the beautiful souls will share their views so that others can see through their eyes. They will recite the anthem of tomorrow…

Let’s listen to them carefully, they are interesting, dedicated, deep, and human! Unexpected voices and unexpected perceptions will be symbolically the guests of the Mohammed Premier University of Oujda.

From Morocco to Tunisia, France, Egypt, Norway, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, USA, Germany, and South Africa, inspiring women go live on Wednesday, June 17 with speeches to draw together visions of a better world for tomorrow.

Women’s voices and women’s perceptions will echo in Oujda! The languages spoken will be Arabic, English, and French.

Positive vibrations will travel from one end of the globe to the other on June 17th. This beautiful symphony is one that deserves a big audience, so I ask you to join in listening to the speakers.

World Speech Day Morocco: When to watch

Watch the event live on June 17 at 3pm (Casablanca time) at Google Meet. You can also find out more about World Speech Day Morocco at WSD Facebook.

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