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10 ways to help another person, now more than ever

Help another person

I urge you to make a positive contribution to the world around you. Now more than ever. We are fellow human beings, not commodities. We are all in this one world and deserving of respect and love. When you make the effort to help another person, you can make a positive difference in the life of someone else, as well as your own.

Making the way you live your life one of intention can transform it, adding value for yourself and those who you meet and interact with, either regularly or only a single time. If you have the ability to communicate well with others and have great interpersonal skills, you could train to become a world-class life coach, for instance. You can be a source of life when you help others.

Here are 10 ways to help another person:

I encourage you to incorporate at least one of these suggestions into your life.

1. Share what you know

Passing on your life experiences and knowledge is an excellent way to help another person. Sharing what you know could make a positive difference to someone around you. Whether you realize it or not, your journey is a valuable one, and it is unique. Share it to help others learn about your culture, gender, race, lifestyle, birthplace, and more.

2. Be on the lookout for others

One example of how you could help someone in this way would be if you hear about a job opportunity and you know someone who would be a perfect candidate for it. Tell them about this chance to further their career. If you help another person by making an introduction that could prove valuable to them professionally or personally, that is also a kind thing to do.

3. Being prepared to share key resources

You may well have invested time and money in building up some worthwhile resources and being prepared to share these insights and data with people around you when they need it is something that can really help them. That sort of generosity doesn’t often go unnoticed, and it always feels good to point someone in the right direction when you have the resources at your disposal to do so

4. Become a conduit for new relationships

If you have developed a good network of contacts, a great way to help another person would be to commit to making some introductions that could help someone to achieve their potential and get where they want to be in this world.

5. Help another person: Give of your time

Giving up some of your free time by doing some volunteering has a number of tangible benefits attached to that decision. You get to make a positive contribution to your community or a cause close to your heart, and you enhance your own sense of well-being at the same time.

6. Praise others

Some people don’t get the recognition they deserve, but you can change that if you try and highlight the achievements of a fellow human being you admire. Why keep the love to yourself?

7. It’s good to give

The art of giving comes in many forms, and it is often the inexpensive but thoughtful gestures you make that matter the most. If you are a business owner, consider donating part of your profits as part of integrating philanthropy into your organization.

8. Constructive feedback can help another person

If someone trusts you and values your opinion, then you will be able to give them constructive feedback that they take, absorb, and learn from in their life journey.

9. Acts of random kindness

Do you see someone who needs help? If they could use either physical or mental, then stop and help them. There is always time to help another person. Seriously. It could be the start of a new friendship as a result of your act of random kindness too.

10. Be a good listener

Often, the best way to help someone is to lend an ear. Listen to what it is that is troubling them. You don’t have to provide advice; simply listening can do wonders.

Final words on taking the time to help another person

The list above provides some of the many ways to help those around you. Doing so will often enhance your own life experience as well as theirs. Feel free to share other suggestions below!

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