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3 things to do to help you relax

Things to do to relax in lockdown

If you’re looking for things to do to help you relax, you’re not alone. The coronavirus lockdown has been stressful!

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For many people, the the lockdown has been anything but relaxing. When it first started, some folks thought that since life would be spent primarily indoors, it might be a slower pace of living for a while. Yet, after a month or so of being in the same surroundings, a lot of my friends have told me that they feel trapped, sad, and craving a return to normal life.

That makes sense. After all, humans weren’t made to be trapped indoors, and the stress associated with not having job security during this time makes it all the more stressful. Then you add in being unable to see friends in person and go out to work.

Don’t feel as if you’re mentally weak or not strong enough to cope with the current situation, if you’re feeling wound up. It’s normal, and you simply need to find other means of relaxing. Have you tried any of the following things to do to help you relax?

Finding things to do to help you relax: You’re not alone

Thanks to the internet and live streaming, no one is really all by themselves. If you need a place to hang out, check out the streaming platforms Twitch and Mixer. They have “just chatting” sections that are full of people live streaming from wherever they call home.

A range of topics are in the discussions, ranging from movies, literature, and video games to pop culture and music. You’ll find that there are quite literally millions of people in these live streaming rooms.

You can share your opinions, read what others are interested in right now, and perhaps find a new interest from one of the chats. You can also interact with the users that are streaming; that’s mainly through chat but they usually have a Discord channel as well.

Creating something special

If you would love to get back into the routine of doing something regulary, then take up the soothing craft of diamond painting. It’s a mix of paint by number and cross-stitching.

This activity is quite enjoyable because you don’t have to think hard to complete it and you just need to stay patient to receive a sense of satisfaction. The Magic Kingdom diamond painting from is an image of the classic dream castle, like the Disney structure.

The spires are in the neo-gothic style that you find in France and Germany. And the colors are neutral to the classic baby blue. You get all the equipment you need in every product.

The additional things to have to make diamond painting more fun and easier are an organizing box so you can store your rhinestones without mixing them up. And, perhaps, get yourself some wax paper so you can safely store unfinished paintings without the pieces coming loose.

Let your imagination run wild!

If we can’t go outside to experience the natural world, then we can make a new fantasy world ourselves! Get inspiration from classes taught by author Joyce Carol Oates, who has pubished several short story volumes, including “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” She also penned 58 novels too.

Or, join a short story society online. There are countless people with incredible stories that share them online and they get quite a bit of traction from others in the groups.

They’re 5-minute reads and you get to delve into a completely new world every time. You will be encouraged to write your own short story and express the wild imagination you have developed in lockdown.

Find things to do to help you relax

In coronavirus times, you really feel how important the normal way of life is. But with these suggested activities, you can stave off boredom and learn to relax and enjoy your own company. You might find that months down the road you enjoy the time at home and have a better sense of self than before.

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