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These quotes from 3 powerful women in Britain will inspire you to succeed

Inspiration from powerful women in Britain

Inspiration can come from looking at those who are succeeding in their industry, such as the three powerful women in Britain on the list below. Quotes from these impressive females might just provide the inspiration you need today to push even harder toward your business goal.

Caroline Rush

She’s CEO of the British Fashion Council, overseeing everything relating to Britain’s fashion market, both locally and internationally. Since she began in the position in 2009, Caroline Rush has launched a variety of initiatives, such as the BFC Fashion Trust.

Her work takes her from supervising The Fashion Awards in Britain, which is one of the highest honors in the industry, to liasing between colleges and the government to help foreign students who show promise in the fashion industry to receive visas.

When asked in an interview what advice she would give to recently-launched fashion businesses, here was Caroline Rush’s answer:

“Embrace digital, it is driving us forward. Used properly it’s a gift, because it allows businesses without big budgets to reach their customers… Reaching your audience in the right tone adds pressure to the content produced but it is so important when there is so much noise and content that an emerging or established business is able to cut through that and stand out. Authenticity and agility are key for success.”

This inspiring quote speaks to the importance of embracing technology rather than fearing it and also being genuine in online interactions, no matter your role in business. That’s true whether you’re an established business, creating an online presence for Bahama rentals like this website here, or a startup looking to survive its first year.

Gail Bradbrook

Dr. Gail Bradbrook is an environmental activist who co-founded Extinction Rebellion (XR) as a way to call urgency to the climate and ecosystem issues happening around us. Since the group’s formation in 2018, it has grown from 15 people at a table to 700+ groups in 72 countries.

Meet Gail Bradbrook
Dr Gail Bradbrook at Declaration of Rebellion, London, 31 October 2018. Photo by Steve Eason, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Several protests across the UK have happened, with the movement’s demands including that the UK government declare a climate and ecological crisis. Another one is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions completely by 2025.

Recently, Gail Bradbrook shared this:

Once you face and feel the shock of what we are facing, if you are willing to face the grief and can process those feelings, there is tremendous energy and a will to do what it takes. So that is what we have been asking people, to be willing to look at the truth of our predicament and grieve.

Her quote speaks to the passion of pursuing what is important to you and being open to connecting with an issue on a deep level to help improve it in the future. Also, the words make me think about how encouraging others to join your cause can make your group all the more powerful in its message.

More powerful women in Britain: Mariana Mazzucato

This Italian-American economist teaches at University College London in Economics of Innovation and Public Value. Yes, Mariana Mazzucato on the list of powerful gals and here’s why.

She is challenging the popular notion that innovation primarily in the private sector; her viewpoint is that the public sector can help to create wealth that promotes growth to meet its objectives, whatever that looks like, from senior care there to instrument precision services here.

In the UK, she contributed to both the industrial strategy of the government and the Labour Party manifesto. She has also been an advisor to the Scottish National Party under Nicola Sturgeon.

When it comes to policies, Mariana Mazzucato has said:

“There are lots of wrong policies and wrong ways to run public institutions,” she counters. “But there’s nothing deterministic about it . . . Looking at the narratives used to justify certain choices, and debunking some of those narratives, is how I see my role. That’s especially important today.”

What I take from this quote is that you need not follow established ways simply because they are tradition. Instead, look at what has merit and what research backs up, as well as what your heart tells you. It’s okay to get off the beaten track and question things.

Final words on inspiring words from powerful women in Britain

There’s inspiration in words, especially when we hear them from people who are doing great things in their area of choice, whether it’s green activism like Dr. Gail Bradbrook or going against the grain in economic thought like Mariana Mazzucato. Or maybe you’re encouraging up and comers to be authentic as they reach for their dreams, the way Caroline Rush has done.

If you see any commonalities between yourself and individuals who are achieving big things in the world, if you can see yourself in them, even in just one characteristic, then you might find yourself thinking, “Hey, if they can do it, so can I.” And that can be enough to give you the extra energy to continue on your career path.

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    1. Great inspiring quotes, Christy! We can all benefit from seeing the words or hearing the thoughts of someone who has succeeded in their field, especially when they have an impact on our lives.

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