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5 unconventional places to have a birthday party

places to have a birthday party

Celebrating a birthday doesn’t have to fit some mold or tradition. Today, there are a range of venues that provide extraordinary choices for adults who want to do something a bit different than the usual. If you’re the one planning the shindig, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, think outside of the box with these 5 places to have a birthday party.

Ideas for places to have a birthday party:

1. Head to a local entertainment spot

Planning a bash at a local entertainment venue offers several opportunities for the birthday gal or guy. A few examples are:

  • Theatre – See a play or concert
  • Comedy club – You could just discover your new fave comedian
  • Nightclub – Shake that booty!
  • Sports venue – See a game, such as hockey, football, or baseball
  • Pub – Choose a night with Music Bingo or another fun event

Select venues take reservations for large groups if you’ve got a lot of peeps who want to come out for the celebration. Which of the listed places to have a birthday party you choose will depend on what the guest of honor likes to do; going to a dance club won’t be a hit if they don’t care for dancing, obviously.

The great thing about choosing a local entertainment venue is that these types of businesses host groups regularly and know what they’re doing (typically). So you can count on them to keep the energy high for anyone who goes there.

By thinking outside of the conventional when planning a get-together for someone else, you’ll create an experience that is enjoyable and unexpected, as well as making the night one that the person who’s turning a year older won’t soon forget.

Axe throwing is another exciting way to celebrate a birthday. Review Birthday Party Ideas that help partygoers find something fun and unusual for lasting memories.

2. Get out of town

Getting out of town helps friends and family reconnect and live it up in a new city. Instead of planning a get-together in the same old place over and over, it’s better to choose a city that offers something new and different for the group.

When planning a trip, it’s best to consider what the guest of honor will love the most. Planning activities up to the night of the birthday party gives everyone something to do and gives them all an opportunity to make new memories together.

Renting a house at a vacay destination helps is a great way to make this type of outing affordable as you can make meals in a kitchen rather than dining out and split costs between everyone staying there. Also, you can have activities for the birthday honoree inside the homestead instead of paying a cover charge to go out somewhere.

More places to have a birthday party:

3. Book a wine tasting party

Hello, vino!

A tasting party gives everyone a chance to indulge in delicious wine and great food. If your group is full of ladies, then make sure you share with them about the health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation.

A wine tour and tasting could be available close by where you live as a way to safely transport you and group between different locations or from a starting point to the destination and then back. Never drink and drive!

It’s a unique way to spend time with the guest of honor and plan out a great party for everyone. Several venues throughout the US offer wine tasting events and meal pairing opportunities. Some vineyards allow reservations for private parties.

4. Plan a theme party

There are an endless number of themes that are anything but conventional and would be tons of fun with some planning. Here are a few ideas:

  • Be kids again – Plan activities that harken back to your childhood, including riding go karts or spending an afternoon at a ball pit. Then head to the nearby ice cream parlor.
  • Sea it – An aquariam is among the non-traditional places to have a birthday party and has plenty of marine life to see. Ask all attendees to dress in theme colors, such as green and blue.
  • House party with a fresh spin – Choose a favorite character and dress up. For example, a Great Gatsby theme party features flapper dresses and pristine suits. Take the party a step further by renting a venue in Long Island and recreating scenes from the movie. 

5. Host an unconventional cocktail party

Hosting a unique cocktail party helps guests to take the traditional favorite a step further. Instead of one person cooking everything and making the cocktails, guests bring ingredients to the venue and cook the dinner themselves. Guests also make cocktails specifically for the guest of honor.

Even the drinks you make can be unusual, such as a butternut old fashioned. Start the party around 7pm and let the good times roll!

Creating an exciting birthday party gives a birthday guy or gal a terrific experience. When trying to improve a birthday celebration, starting with unexpected places to have a birthday party can be a great idea. Shake things up as the special person in your life turns a year older and all of you can have a blast!

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  1. Some great ideas. The best birthday party I had was a proper tea party. About 15 of my girlfriends joined me at a Teahouse where we had reservations for high tea. We all dressed up, some of us even wore hats and we had a delightful time. It was so much fun and we are still talking about it. There are some pretty fancy places to have high tea.

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