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Cloth vs Disposable Diapers: Which Is Best For Sensitive Skin?

Cloth vs disposable diapers

Cloth or disposable, which offers best care for baby? Many new parents struggle with the answer when choosing between cloth vs disposable diapers for their little ones. And even experienced parents worry about this decision when their second child has sensitive skin.

However, every child’s skin is almost five times more sensitive than adult skin. Furthermore, when choosing a diaper it’s important to look beyond its appearance as the focus ought to be baby’s comfort.

So, if you are looking for some suggestions to find out non toxic diapers for sensitive skin baby, you are at the right place. Below are the distinctions between cloth vs disposable diapers to clear up any confusion and help you determine the best one for your new bundle of joy.

Disposable Diapers

Hearing the word diaper, disposable diapers come on our mind immediately. And most parents are very likely to go with disposable diapers as they are easy to use. Here are some remarkable points you should know about disposable baby diapers.

Uncomfortable Material: Usually hard plastic material is used in the making of disposable diapers. Babies with sensitive skin can get easily hurt with such diapers. That’s epecially true if you don’t change it for a while; it can harm the baby’s skin.

Chemical Existence: Disposable diapers contain various chemicals to absorb the leakage and keep the soaking area dry for a long time. These diapers are not made from natural materials so be aware of that for something that rests directly against baby’s skin. Allergic reactions can occur.

Causes Skin Problem: If you don’t change disposable diapers in a reasonable time, it can cause rashes. When it soaks leakage, and does so several times, bacteria starts to form in the soak material, which is a common cause of rashes and itching on baby’s skin.

Less Breathable: Disposable diapers have less room to breathe and so it is comparatively less comfortable for sensitive skin than cloth. Moreover, after taking off the diaper, you can notice some marks on the baby’s skin caused by the tight-fitting disposable diapers.

Cloth Diapers

Next up are the main features of cloth diapers:

Natural Material: Cloth diapers are free of any toxins, chemicals, and harmful material as they are made of natural fiber, which is really good for baby’s skin. Nothing but only natural fabric confirms the best safety and care for your sensitive skin baby. So, the cloth diaper is a good option.

Comfortable to Wear: The soft and washable fabric makes the baby very comfortable while wearing this type of diapers. Though you need to change a cloth diaper several times a day in comparison to disposable diaper, they provide the highest comfort to your baby.

No Rash and Itching: In most cases, cloth diapers are recommendable when babies get diaper rash or itching from disposable diapers. In addition, the washing and re-usable quality make cloth diapers cozy. Also, they come in a great shape that makes it more breathable too.

Verdict on Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

Now, you can choose the exact one that seems best for your baby’s skin. If you’re still not sure, try a combination of the two types to see which feels good for the infant with use.

Lastly, know that choosing cloth diapers means you’ll have to wash several diapers daily. On the other hand, going for the disposable diapers means tossing out materials that you wouldn’t be adding to the trashcan if you use cloth.

Which have you used, cloth vs disposable diapers, for your kids, and why?

5 thoughts on “Cloth vs Disposable Diapers: Which Is Best For Sensitive Skin?”

  1. I used cloth for both my babies. Apple cheeks momma. Originally I wanted to save money. Im not sure I accomplished the goal in its entirety. Its the community of clothe mommas that was priceless. I actually miss the cute fluff bums some days.

  2. Today, the care of newborns has become complicated. There are so many alternatives that should be devoted to a complete study from food to clothing. At least, about diapers, it is very important to know. Your article provides the necessary knowledge for parents and for those who are for the first time, much better. Regards.

  3. I never tried cloth ones but I guess my mum did 😆 after 6 kids, disposable nappies are expensive but the versatility & disposal is better than cloth. I’ve changed mine on the boot(trunk) lid of my cars,back seats, boot(trunk) floor & disposable nappies(diapers) are far easier to change & store for the bin. As for reactions/rashes/allergies ,changing the child when either cloth or nappy(diaper) are full/wet is rather self explanatory but I’ve known friends that will leave a nappy(diaper) on a child till it falls off or starts leaking the absorbent gel.
    So,for me it’ll be disposal nappies(diapers) till i can’t change a nappy cause of age.
    Apologies to environmentalists 😆

  4. We do not have children so have never had to make that choice. When I grew up, there were no disposable diapers. For the environment, cloth diapers I am sure must be the best option. Most people, these days, choose the convenience of disposable diapers. Good to know that cloth is still the best for babies with sensitive skin.

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