Coffee consumption: Male vs female, is there a difference?

coffee consumption male vs female

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It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that coffee is what keeps offices all over the globe running efficiently. If you walk into almost any workplace, especially one in the developed world, you’ll most likely find coffee mugs on every desk and one or two makers in the common area. And if you think coffee is a gender-neutral drink, you’re mistaken. Based on a few scientific studies like this one published in the Food and Nutrition Sciences journal, there are some significant differences in male vs female coffee consumption.

Mmmm coffee: Why it’s so popular

Coffee doesn’t just inject us with energy and happy thoughts. Coffee can improve overall well-being, as established by a ton of reliable scientific literature.

For instance, coffee is known to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. You can read more about coffee health benefits here.

If you’ve ever volunteered to do the coffee run for your coworkers, you may have noticed how everyone likes their coffee a little differently. You may have even noticed a disparity in tastes between male and female colleagues.

Here’s more about the research on the different habits between genders when it comes to a cup of joe.

Coffee consumption: Male vs female top differences

1. Men consume more coffee than women

According to the earlier-noted study from Food and Nutrition Sciences, more than 50% of men consume coffee compared to around 32% of women. If we take a look at daily consumption, men drink around 2.4 cups of coffee a day on average, which is a half a cup more than women.

Those same researchers also found that women who avoid drinking coffee do so because they dislike the taste. In contrast, men who forgo coffee claimed the recurring cost is what deters them.

2. Women often like their coffee sweeter than men

A sweet treat! Researchers at Tokai Women’s Junior College found coffee consumption men vs women differed on the amount of sweetness. The 59 undergraduate students at the Japanese college were the subjects of the study.

Among the findings was that the male participants preferred sweeter coffee than women.

3. Men prefer stronger coffee, in general

Whether it’s to keep up with appearances or due to some biological component that affects taste, Zagat’s recent survey found men prefer espressos while for the ladies it is lattes.

also noted men tend to prefer coffee that is stronger and less sweet. If you’ve done coffee runs for both men and women, you might have noticed this. On average, a man is more likely to prefer a regular cup of joe or an espresso.

The Zagat survey also noted a growing love for the “flat white,” which is an espresso with microfoam. It has been likened to drinking espresso.

4. Women are more likely to buy their coffee from chains

It’s not going to come as a surprise that the U.S. has booming coffee chains, including Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. But what’s more interesting perhaps is that women are bigger supporters of coffee chains rather than men, as a whole.

On the other hand, men are more likely to make a cup at home using coffee makers, or to visit independent coffee shops. The latter places offer a greater variety of espressos and plain black brews, with less focus on lattes and cappuccinos.

Nothing wrong with a home cup; coffee makers today are quite advanced. They come with features like twin boilers, programmable settings, automatic brewing, strength and temperature controls and more, which makes the brewing process easier than ever before.

ln addition, making coffee at home is easier on the wallet than drinking out. And we know that men are more likely to be deterred from buying coffee when it is too expensive.

5. Men typically spend less money on coffee than women

The final interesting difference in the coffee consumption male vs female discussion is financial. On average, polled ladies spent just over $2,300 per year on coffee, while men spent about $1,900.

When further broken down, that survey found that the 25-34 age range was the group who spent the most money on this beverage. Furthermore, looking at the careers of the caffeinated drinkers,  those who work in the finance industry took top spot for the most cash spent on the brew annually (about $700).

In second place was those who are work in retail. Their average spend per year was $600.

Final words on coffee consumption: Male vs female

While coffee is consumed by both men and women, there are noticeable differences in drinking habits between the two genders. For starters, men drink more of it than women on average, and prefer it stronger and less sweet. Men are  more likely to brew it on their own than women.

Do your see yourself in any of these coffee habits?

This post is also available in: French


  1. Very interesting! I drink 2 to 3 cups a day, so I’m drinking the average amount for males.

    When my wife and I were in Paris in 1995, we realized that the coffee there was much better than the coffee we’d been drinking in the USA. Ever since then we’ve been into strong, rich coffees.

    Hi Christy. Bye till next time!


  2. Very interesting stats! My husband generally does drink more coffee than I do and does like it stronger. It is crazy the amount of money spent at places like Starbucks, etc. instead of brewing it at home.

  3. Hah! What an interesting study Christy :) I kind of figured there were some distinct differences in taste between men and women where coffee is concerned. My hubby tends to like his black with a hint of honey. I couldn’t drink that if I tried! Whereas I brew espresso and put it in fridge overnight to chill. For some reason, a hot cuppa anything turns me right off! :P When it’s nice and cold, I’ll add some almond cashew milk with a little half and half (plant based usually) with some Stevia. It’s delicious and not terribly unhealthy.

    It is truly unbelievable what buying coffee costs! Starbucks for instance is outrageous. The amount of money spent each and every day in our world at coffee chains could feed every hungry person on the globe, I’d bet!

    All my love to you dear friend. I hope you are well! 🙏🏼

    • I like tea with honey but haven’t tried coffee with it… Interesting how we all like it just a bit different. Oh I hear you about some of those coffee shops – aiiii, and sometimes I like the home brew better than the one out somewhere anyway. Sending love your way too xo

  4. I like my coffee black, but with various flavors (hazelnut, cinnamon, chocolate, etc.). My wife likes hers plain with sugar. Neither one of us like Starbucks, and we both like a medium roast, but not too dark. We both drink about the same amount, one cup on weekdays and maybe two on weekends.

  5. Fascinating stuff. My husband drinks more coffee than I do. I usually have my first cup of coffee after dinner, though will sometimes bend and have one during the day if Hub is making. I am amazed at the amount of money spent on coffee. Just think what else could be done with it. We could end poverty now!

  6. Thank you for sharing this post with us. It was very informative. 👍 I thought, women consume more coffee ’cause for obvious reason, men are alcoholic! 😂 Too bad, my assumption was wrong. Haha!

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