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7 women in interior design with 7 tips to inspire you at home

Women in interior design

Interior design can be confusing and cause headache especially when you are working with a tight budget. That’s when you seek inspiration and advice from others who have more experience and creativity in the area. These 7 inspiring women in interior design offer useful tips on how to approach space and its manifestation. Here’s what you can learn from them and use to create your dream home. Take it away, guest blogger Nina!

1. Jo Berryman

London-based Jo Berryman offers a wide range of services in interior design, architecture and project management. She has her own company called Matrushka and is very fond of using upcycling and reclaimed objects in her work.

For Jo Berryman, design is an evolving process and, therefore, you must approach it through its changing properties. Accessories are more important than furniture or paint since they are what makes your interior design truly yours.

Thus, you’ll want to give special attention to lamps, sculptures, paintings, and chairs. When you want to freshen up your décor, you can simply buy new accessories to make the space new and exciting.

2. Women in interior design: Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is one of the leading women in interior designer, as well as an authoreur and product designer. Originally from South Africa, she currently lives in London.

Her nickname as the Queen of Taupe comes from her knack for showcasing tasteful and elegant decorations that feature this color. For more about her techniques and how to apply them to your own house, check out her impressive collection of seven design books.

For Kelly Hoppen, it’s all about the classic look. Shades of grey, taupe and black give a space a sophisticated yet fresh appeal, while at the same time creating a soothing environment. Don’t be afraid to use black rugs or black sofas as statement pieces alongside those neutrals either.

Adding in those black pieces will add dramatic flavor to your décor. This way you can have a luxurious and practical home where you will feel calm and comfortable.

3. Martina Hayes

Martina Hayes is a Scandinavian gal who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. In addition to rocking it as a home designer, she works as a building designer and color consultant.

This multi-talented lady has been designing furniture since her teen years too. She still loves doing these projects for clients.

Style, color and textures are something interior designer Martina Hayes is passionate about in her career. These elements give personality and character to a residence, making it a unique and exciting space.

She and her team put the focus on color preference, as when the client picks colors themselves then it expresses their personality. So choose your favorite hues and showcase yourself around the home! A harmonic color scheme will add value to the property too.

Also, showcase natural light whenever possible. Doing so will not only bring out the best in each room but also the sun’s rays can benefit your mental health.

since it will allow for natural light to flow and express the personality of residents.

4. Kelly Wearstler

An American designer, Kelly Wearstler has earned recognition worldwide for her luxurious style. She also has a furniture line and partners with other famous brands to create stylish solutions and shapes.

If anything, you need to be bold with your design. Kelly Wearstler created her signature aesthetic by using glamorous and grand styles in her work. If this sounds like something you’d like to try too, start by incorporating luxurious colors like velvet and gold into the bedroom or another area.

Use oversized accessories here and there too; doing so will give the space a layered look. It’s all about being expressing individuality through furniture and playing with size.

And the list of amazing women in interior design continues!

Decor tips

5. Blainey North

Australian designer Blainey North founded her company at the young age of 22. Today she has offices in both Sydney and London.

As one of the leading women in interior design, she continues to express her love for innovative furniture and space arrangements. For Blainey, details and textures are an important part of interior design and she addresses them in every project.

When it comes to Blainey North, the starting point for inspiration is in nature. It’s all about freedom of space and eco-friendly solutions, such as reclaimed wood.

The aesthetic is something that should leave you in awe every time you see it, while being comfortable at the same time. Thus, do your best to always decorate to please yourself rather to impress others.

6. Sussanne Khan

Sussanne Khan was born in India, where she still lives and receives global acclaim as one of the best women in interior design globally. Her studio Charcoal Project in Mumbai is revolutionizing interior concepts and fashion in India.

This professional puts her focus on the materials by using concrete, wood, metal and natural fibers in her work. For Sussanne Khan, it’s all about creating a sophisticated style with different elements.

By mixing wooden and metal pieces you can turn an ordinary design into a high-end décor. Additionally, use geometrical patterns on accessories like rugs, bed covers, and cushions to bring out luxury in a subtle way.

7. India Mahdavi

Born in Iran, India Mahdavi now lives in Paris and uses her education in architecture to create playful interiors. She uses colors and shapes to create energetic forms that can be dreamy and romantic.

Of course, how could they invoke anything but those emotions when this designer draws her ideas from imagination and fantasy?

For India Mahdavi, playing with materials and textures is important to create the perfect environment. However, the greatest impact on décor comes from color – and lots of it.

Using texture and light as  well as the color itself will allow you to enhance the space and even create a completely new and fresh look. It will brighten up a den or another room too, especially if you lack natural light and want to brighten up the place without the expense of adding in a window.

Taking inspiration from these top women in interior design

If you look back on the tips of all these inspiring women in interior design, you’ll notice that they send the same message – be yourself.

There are many things to learn from them, but the most important one is to create a style you will feel comfortable in. Only then will it be a safe haven to relax after a tough day.

Of course, that doesn’t mean to play it safe! Be adventurous and mix materials, sizes and play with colors to create unique and gorgeous décors in your home that you will truly like to have around you.

Take risks and, hey, if you don’t like how it looks then try moving the pillows or other accents to another room, paint the walls a different color or… It’s totally up to you! Have fun with it.

About today’s writer

Nina Simons is a lifestyle blogger, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas. In her free time, she loves to design clothes and furniture. If you wanna see what she’s up to you can find her on Twitter.

What are some other ways to help the inside of your home stand out and shine? Are these 7 females new to you? Do you have other designers you look up to?

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