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How to get the perfect temperature for sleep

perfect temperature for sleep

Everyone has their own sleep routine. Some people like to turn the air down low and snuggle up in blankets, while others toss and turn so much their sheets are kicked off the bed by morning. Temperature has a significant impact on your night routine. It can affect the quality of your Zzs – and the amount that your electric bill racks up overnight. Here’s how you can be strategic about setting your home up for the perfect temperature for sleep to get a good rest.

Cooler rooms lead to better sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the optimal bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. That is because your body temperature decreases to help you sleep, and a cool room makes this easier to do.

Unfortunately, not being at the right coolness for air is what keeps many people tossing and turning in the summer or unable to sleep during a hot flash. The best way to get a good night’s slumber is to curl up in a cool, dark room.

More about the perfect temperature for sleep:

Moisture impacts how your home feels

When people think about house temperature, they tend to focus on how warm or cool a space feels only. However, moisture also plays a significant role in your comfort.

When a place is too moist, it can feel warmer than it is in reality, which creates a sticky feeling for everyone inside it. Even in the cooler months, a moist home can feel damp and uncomfortable.

Your home’s moisture level measures in humidity. Even if it’s cool enough to leave the air conditioning off, you may need to keep the fan on to filter out moisture.

Alternatively, you may consider investing in a dehumidifier to maintain optimal moisture levels.

Use a smart thermostat to cool your home

When you get home and crawl under the sheets at night, you might not want to worry about your perfect sleep temperature for sleep. After all, you just want to close your eyes!

Consider investing in a smart thermostat to heat or cool your home to the idea temperature at the same time every night. Then you never have to worry about setting the thermostat again.

Know what is the perfect temperature for sleep for you

Some people might find that sleeping in a 67-degree room is too cold to handle, so it’s important to take expert advice with a grain of salt. Test different temps within your home to help fall asleep easier than before.

For example, drop the temperature a few degrees and see if it makes a difference, or adjust the humidity first. Falling asleep is all about balance and your particular needs – which might be different than the needs of others. And try your best not to have alcohol shortly before bed as liquor can disrupt sleep quality.

There’s no guarantee that setting your thermostat to the right level will immediately help you get a good night’s slumber; however, the temperature in your room may be contributing to your sleep problems. Test out a few different temperatures and tools to control your air and see how you feel the next morning.

5 thoughts on “How to get the perfect temperature for sleep”

    1. I like cool with the weight of blankets on me. It’s great when the bedroom is exactly the temperature we want it – Then bring on the zzz’s :)

  1. Good advice, Christy! I like to sleep under a blanket with the ceiling fan running and AC most of the year here in Houston. We do get some chilly winter days, but most of the year we use our AC.

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