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Health benefits of dehumidifier: Here’s what you need to know

Health benefits of dehumidifier

Getting a dehumidifier is your first step towards living in a healthy home. In the average house, there are many appliances that increase the level of moisture in the body, including washing machines, and dishwashers. So it makes sense to have an appliance that reduces the presence of moisture as well. These health benefits of dehumidifiers might surprise you!

What is a dehumidifier?

A lot of people are prone to getting allergies because of humidity issues that stem from the presence of mold and mildew in a residence. Dehumidifiers help to create living conditions that keep these issues away.

The advantages of having a dehumidifier are mostly health-centered but can also make your daily tasks easier. Smaller spaces, poor ventilation, and unclean houses are a perfect recipe for uncomfortably humid temperatures, to name just some examples.

A dehumidifier has two coils – a hot coil and a cold coil. It warms the extracted moisture from the air and then gradually releases it back into the environment. This makes the temperature suitable for living while simultaneously maintaining your health.

Read on to find out exactly how a dehumidifier can contribute to a healthy life.

6 health benefits of dehumidifier:

1. Improve the quality of indoor air

Air quality takes into consideration two things – the humidity level and the number of toxins in the air. These appliances can reduce the humidity level which, in turn, will reduce the appearance of allergens such as mildew, mold, and dust mites. It is the presence of these allergens which act as allergy triggers. Hence, buying a dehumidifier will help you to improve the indoor quality of air.

2. Provide a sense of comfort

Most people cringe at the idea of staying in warm, humid temperatures. The presence of excess moisture in the air can cause a lot of discomforts. Usually, people switch on air conditioners to feel more comfortable, but then using the A/C might not be easy on the wallet.

Alternatively, dehumidifiers can remove moisture from the air while making your home more energy-efficient. It can simultaneously reduce the itching in your eyes, wheezing, and other breathing difficulties that can come from too much moisture in the surrounding air.

3. Help to keep food fresh for longer

Consuming fresh food and living a healthy life go hand-in-hand. When the humidity level is high, food items are more prone to molds and decay. Then if you unknowingly consume stale food items, you may get food poisoning or nauseous.

Dehumidifiers, by reducing the presence of bacteria and viruses in the air, help to keep food items fresh by reducing humidity levels inside. Then your food remains safer for consumption for a longer time in terms of both shelf life and edibility. That’s yet another of the health benefits of dehumidifiers.

Sleep and dehumidifier

4. More health benefits of dehumidifier: Better sleep quality

I’ve mentioned before how dehumidifiers can make people comfortable. Feeling at rest promotes better sleep quality, and as healthy sleeping habits are integral to a healthy lifestyle, you’re taking the initiative to become healthier as well. These appliances can help you get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to awake ready to face the world the next morning.

Also, dehumidifiers can be a source of a little white noise to help a few people sleep better. For example, the soothing sound can encourage you to fall back asleep if woken up suddenly.

5. Eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and reduce airborne irritants

Another of the health benefits of dehumidifiers is that they can improve your respiratory system and skin quality. Gemma Tyler from Smart Vacuums states that these airborne organisms can cause itching, rashes, and in some cases burning sensations. Breathing easier is possible as this appliance can remove dust mites that otherwise thrive in a humid atmosphere where they can trigger asthma and other allergy symptoms.

The entire point of this appliance is to lessen the presence of microorganisms in the surrounding areas. A dehumidifier is one way to safeguard against a mold allergy that can have symptoms such as:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Itching eyes

Plus, you may notice less dust in your living area when using this device, thus creating a cleaner environment. Oh and there’s less cleaning for you so that’s another advantage!

6. Help maintain the integrity of your home

Not only can a dehumidifier boost wellness, but it can also maintain the structural longevity of your homestead. Let me explain.

Too much humidity in the air means extraneous moisture. This moisture can harm the beams and wood in your home, causing them to split open and provide significant (and costly) structural damage. Even metal fittings in your house can develop rust.

Furthermore, a hot interior can trigger the growth of mold on curtains, clothes, furniture, and other items. Over time that mold can eat away at fabrics and discolor them, all of which makes your place look shabby and dirty.

Unpleasant odors that are a direct result of allergens and the musty smell of mildew and molds are also under control with a quality dehumidifier. Considering the “rotting” smell that comes from wood structures due to extremely humid conditions as well, dehumidifiers seem quite appealing.

Looking at the slow deterioration of your house isn’t a pleasant feeling for anyone. However, installing a single unit to protect your home while also creating a healthy living atmosphere for you and your family can prevent that from becoming reality. And that alone can give you peace of mind.

Add a dehumidifier to your shopping list pronto

These were a few of the health benefits of dehumidifiers to know about year-round. If you see water stains on the walls or ceilings of your home, frequent condensation on the windows or the growth of mold spores, or black spots in your shower area or bathtub, you urgently need to invest in a dehumidifier. Another indication is the stale, musty smell of mildew and molds.

By now it’s clear that dehumidifiers are a must-have to improve your and your family’s health in the most efficient way possible.

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10 thoughts on “Health benefits of dehumidifier: Here’s what you need to know”

  1. We have a couple of dehumidifiers for the summer.
    Crazy, but we have a humidifier for the winter. When that central heating comes on, I turn into a dried old leaf. The colder it gets, the drier I get. I can get nose bleeds when it’s -40 outside & the heating roars non-stop!

  2. Living in Houston, most of what our AC units do is to eliminate humidity from the air. I will have to check into the cost of dehumidifiers. We had the opposite problem when we lived in central Wisconsin decades ago. We added a power humidifier to our furnace in the basement to make our air more comfortable. Where one lives makes a huge difference.

    1. Where you live will absolutely dictate which appliance you use, if any, for making the air more comfortable inside the home. Thanks for adding such great points here, Peggy.

  3. It is a good idea to have, Christy. Sadly you will need to invest in several, as one can not cover all the house.

    The houses in big parts of Spain are not insulated as usual in more cold areas. This create easily humidity in the winter, why I chose to buy boxes to use manual against the humidity. This helps so much at the indoor air.

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