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7 proven ways to boost your career prospects

career prospects

If you want to land the role of your dreams, then you likely have to do some preparation to get it. You may also need to improve the overall quality of your resume. To boost your career prospects, use the effective strategies below.

Build your communication skills

It’s vital that you communicate well with other people in the workplace. You need to speak with confidence and that starts with every interview you attend. Once you master speaking abilities, you can take that skill set to the office or wherever else you build your career.

As for what exactly good communication skills refer to, they include the following:

  • Speak clearly
  • Be concise
  • Radiate confidence
  • Show respect

If you feel as though your communication skills need some work, then practice speaking with friends or family in professional ways. It might seem silly to do so but practice works when it comes to better public speaking.

You could also sign up for public speaking related coaching to help you build up your confidence. Sites like provide custom training to take your communication skills to the next level.

As for why improving your communication skills matters, doing so will help you to increase the number of connections you have in the professional world. And you’ll generate more interest too.

When it comes to improving career prospects, getting more eyes and ears on you is important. That’s because you never really know who is going to be able to help you to take that next step in your career.

So, push yourself a little and see where you go.

Take a course (or two)

The more courses you do, the more experience you’ll gain and the more attractive you’ll be to potential employers. Taking a class increases your marketability too, which can take you far.

If no training courses sound appealing, don’t give up. It’s well worth trying to sign up to UAB online. This is a fantastic way for you to increase your skills, and it also gives you the chance to network with other people who have similar interests. Doing so can come with its own benefits.

Increase career prospects by volunteering

If you want to break into a completely different industry or want a bigger range of skills, then volunteering can be a fantastic way to reach your objective. The right role will help you to stand out and also show a potential employer that you are someone dependable.

Being hardworking is another value that will shine through with volunteer experience on your resume. Boost your career prospects and also your confidence by looking for unpaid opportunities in your local area.

A bonus benefit of volunteering is that it can open your mind up to a huge range of new possibilities.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination can be a dangerous thing. It can negatively impact your job performance, for one thing.

Thus, if you are looking for a career change, then it helps to maintain focus and push forward. If you are still struggling, it’s a good idea to set daily goals. This activity will help you to set actionable tasks that bring you closer to the desired result.

A great reference can up your career prospects

If you left your last job on a really positive note, make the effort to go and get a reference from your boss. A glowing review of your work performance speaks volumes about your professionalism.

It’s that same reference that will help increase your career prospects too. When asking your boss for a reference, ask them to comment on your abilities and to also provide examples. You can then use the positive words to build on your CV.

Boost career prospects tips


Update your resume

If you haven’t looked for a new job in several years, then there’s a good chance that your CV needs updating. At least a little bit.

Make sure that you go through it, from start to finish, and take out anything that might not relate to your new potential position. These other resume tips will help you get hired sooner too.

Also, try and eliminate any information that does not contribute to your profile overall. A few examples that come to mind are high school grades or any projects that you worked on as a teenager.

Sure, they might have helped you back in the day, but right now they probably won’t do much to up your career prospects. Focus on replacing details like those with brand new information, such as recent volunteer work or notable projects that you’ve contributed to at work.

Attend events

Going to conferences and other professional functions is a fantastic way to boost your career prospects. It might surprise you how easy it is to find out about new opportunities during these gatherings.

When you attend your first networking event, use it to practice the communication skills I mentioned earlier. Get used to handing out your contact information too or asking for other people’s business cards to follow up later with them.

If you’re wondering what a follow-up message can look like, you should read this guide on how to write proper follow-up emails. The most important thing is to define the purpose of your message. You shouldn’t send a follow-up email if you have nothing to say. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. Find a suitable angle and reach out again.

It might be worth going to job fairs too. These events give you the chance to apply for jobs directly. And simultaneously you’ll get the opportunity to talk face to face with a potential boss or people who are in the industry you want to be in.

As for what to talk about at the events, it depends on who you’re speaking with there. Here are two scenarios:

  • Ask someone in a supervisory position what they’re looking for in an employee and work on achieving those qualifications
  • Ask someone who works in your dream industry how they got their position; learn from their journey

If you find it hard to network in person, then networking online can be effective too. Or at least it is if you follow the rules.

Boost your career prospects now

There really are many ways for you to improve career prospects, as those points above illustrate so clearly. Now that you know the major tips, you can achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of. So, what are you waiting for?

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