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6 Amazing Patio Designs for a Beautiful Backyard

Patio designs for backyard ideas

No backyard is complete without a spruced-up patio area. The roof that is the extension of your home into nature will determine the look of the entire backside of the house. Where you place the patio, how you shape its roof, and what goes inside it is no small thing. Amazing patio designs enhance the look of your home, which can get you extra dollars when you sell in years to come, and influence the function ability of the whole outdoor property area. To help inspire you, here are six great backyard patio designs for a space the whole family can enjoy. In fact, erecting a patio is a family project that can provide valuable bonding time. It will also be a great social area for BBQs and more!

Location is Everything

First things first, you need to decide on the exact position of the patio. Since self-standing patios are extremely rare, they will lean against the façade of the house, and their roof will protrude from the roof of the house.

Take into account the shape of the back wall; is it vertical all the way, and is its surface flat? Furthermore, the design of the patio will have to match the architecture of the house. This mainly relates to the color scheme, as the hue of the deck has to match the color of the house’s exterior, down to the last floor tile.

6 Backyard Patio Designs to Inspire You

Once you pick out the section of the wall ideal for installing a patio, it’s time to decide on an appropriate design for it. Essentially, the design will depend on the size and shape of the delegated area. So let this be your main guideline when choosing one of the most popular patio designs below.

1. A Gable Patio

Patios whose roof resembles gable with a roof with two distinctive sides are ideal for hot climates. The angle of the roof helps diffuse the sun’s rays, and its design is responsible for quickly getting rid of rainwater.

The design itself is not particularly trendy, which means that it has stood the test of time. If you are unwilling to dabble with other possible designs, you cannot go wrong with a gable patio.

2. Domes

Although a gable patio has excellent drainage, it is not the prettiest-looking design. Far more appealing to the eye are dome patios, especially if they are made from transparent glass or plastic.

Actually, impressive shopping malls, like the proposed Cityland Mall in Dubai, all feature a dome at their top. That one’s similar to the one you can have over your patio.

3. Pyramids

Another classic and classical design immortalized by the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs is a patio in a pyramid shape. Interestingly, it is believed that Cleopatra’s tomb was shaped as such.

All four sides of the roof meet at a single point at the top; that means the gutters underneath will quickly divert rainwater. In addition to the functionality, they look nice even when they are attached, although detached patios are the most beautiful in design.

4. Skillion Roof Patios

A skillion roof is arguably the simplest of all the different patio designs we list here. Its slight tilt is perfectly suited for directing water down the drains.

Plus, the material it is made from means that the air temperature in the patio underneath is at least 5 degrees lower than above. When it comes to homes, it is usually attached to the main structure, except for detachment for garage purposes, if necessary. Finally, its design is minimalistic, making it super modern.

5. A Flat Backyard Patio Design

By far the easier patio to erect – it can even be a DIY job – is a flat patio. Perhaps it doesn’t look as nice as some other fantastic patio designs, but its cost and ease of installation make up for that.

This style is suitable for small houses and low heights because the amount of water they can handle is limited. There is no incline like in other types of patios, even the skillion kind, so it’s hard for rainwater to come down, despite a fully functional drainage system.

6. Hip Ends

If you like mega-architecture, then hip ends are the way to go. The two diverging ends of this patio roof are symbolic of stateliness and grandeur.

Due to their size, homeowners like to erect them over the dining areas and outdoor kitchens. When using detached, they can even cover an entire swimming pool because the foundations go deep in the ground for greater load-bearing capacity.

Consider These Details for Amazing Patio Designs

Having discussed some unique backyard patio designs, let’s turn our attention to the fine details. For example, should you paint the supporting beams or not?

Some people argue that they don’t need an additional protective layer because they have the primer on from the factory. But while the beam might not have direct exposure to sunlight and rain, it still gets affected by the moisture present in the air.

So if you live near the sea, the salty air can cause additional damage to the patio beams and weaken them. In this case, apply at least one coat of paint.

As far as the flooring, the most common choice is floor tiles. They are fairly easy to cut into desired shapes to create a floor mosaic.

With a tiled floor, there’s not usually extra protection necessary either, as there’s a roof over it. That means less maintenance for you. As for the deck that the tiles glue to, it can either be elevated or placed at ground level, depending on the terrain of your backyard.

Backyard eating area on patio
More great designs for backyard beauty

Decor Time

Once the rough part of the construction is complete, decorate the deck to complete the amazing patio designs. First of all, use the understructure of the roof to hang various things. For example, hanging flower pots with climbers will make the patio look welcoming.

As far as the rest of the deck, there are so many options! A fire pit, a fountain, or a garden set will all make the patio look more attractive. And the seating area is functional as then you can eat and drink easily, especially if you add a BBQ.

Final Words on Patio Designs for Backyard Beautification

When you set off to build a new patio, remember that it will become the centerpiece of the entire backyard. Every home improvement project you have done so far will dwarf the sheer scale of a patio, so it’s important to get the design right. Sit down as a family and discuss a style that will suit your household well, and then find a local contractor with a good reputation.

Once these initial steps are done, watch as the build of your patio progresses and ask questions of the contractor if you’re not sure about anything. Once the finished structure is deemed safe, start bringing in the furniture and other decor items you got in advance. Then sit down and relax in the comfort of knowing what an excellent investment you have made for your home and family.

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  1. My husband builds patios and decks for outdoor living. His work is amazing. I’ve been rather spoiled with outdoor living spaces. :)

    1. Sarah Jessica Smith

      Norah, it’s great to hear that. I love to spend my time outside, too. There’s nothing better than reading a book in a patio on a lazy weekend afternoon!

    1. Sarah Jessica Smith

      Michael, I’m glad I revealed something new to you. You can find many interesting designs online. Build one in your backyard and you will feel like a real pharaoh!

  2. Well done, Sarah. A quality designed and well-built patio does indeed add loads of value to a home. Not only that but it adds function for quiet moments, family time or other memorable events.

    Depending on how the patio is designed (screened in or not), it can also be great for pets. They can be safe while also enjoying a bit of the outdoors. Patios for cats are often termed ‘catio.”

    Thanks for sharing some design inspiration with us today :)

    1. Sarah Jessica Smith

      Holly, I totally agree. It does rise home’s value, but it also provides great opportunities for family activities. It is also a heaven for pets. They are protected from the sun and the rain, and they have so much space to just sleep and enjoy themselves. I’ve never heard about “catio”, but it’s a great pun. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Sarah Jessica Smith

      I’m glad if this will inspire you to build a nice patio in your backyard. Good luck!

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