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The best eco-friendly activewear brands for women

She holds leaf, supporting eco-friendly activewear brands

Today’s guest post from fashion designer and blogger Vicky is all about the intersection between environment, clothing, and fitness. Yes, she’s talking about the best eco-friendly activewear brands for women.

Read on to find out how to get your workout on while simultaneously being kind to the environment and looking stylish.

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If getting into better shape for summer is on your mind, it seems like a good time to talk about the latest athleisure wear. New gym clothes can make you feel more motivated and confident.

And that’s the perfect combination for your workouts, whether that’s with or without the gym. Fortunately, there’s also been a rise in sustainable gym wear for those who want to exercise and save the planet at the same time!

Here’s a look at eco-friendly activewear brands for women.


The Australian brand Boody, shown above, uses OEKO-TEK Certified bamboo and environmentally-friendly packaging to make and ship their products. What’s more, Boody operates under fair wage production. Their bamboo is grown in China and only treated with water too. The result is the soft, smooth yarn that’s ideal for athletic clothing.


Patagonia specializes in sport-specific activewear like the sports bra shown above. Its mission is to incorporate building the best products for those who love the outdoors with caring for the environment.

Unlike typical gym apparel brands that cater to everyone, Patagonia is designed for any athlete looking to update their wardrobe with new, sustainable clothing.

Threads 4 Thought

This is one of the best eco-friendly activewear brands for women because you can get everything all in one place. Based in New York, Threats 4 Thought was created with the idea that consumers will pay more for good quality, sustainable clothing.

Their sustainable fabrics include organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Lenzing modal. All those materials are wonderful for athletic clothing. And the cool pattern of those blue leggings above has me wanting them for the great way they look too!

Eco-friendly activewear brands: Think VYAYAMA

VYAYAMA primarily sells non-synthetic yoga wear. Their approach to mindfulness and well-being inspires their collections.

Specifically, they use only renewable and eco-friendly natural fibers to manufacture all clothing. Furthermore, they’re OEKO-TEX Standard Certified. That means their materials are 100% safe for the skin.

Alternative Apparel

While many eco-friendly brands have been popping up within the last decade, Alternative Apparel has been a pioneer in the movement. Indeed, they began over 20 years ago. From those humble beginnings, they have risen to be one of the best activewear brands out there.

For example, their gym wear, which is made for both men and women, has been featured in the likes of GQ and InStyle! Their casual, comfortable clothing, including the grey comfy tank pictured above, is sure to become your wardrobe staple.

PACT for eco-friendly activewear brands

Lastly, PACT has created a clothing brand free of toxic chemicals, thanks to its sustainable materials. Specifically, it’s fairtrade cotton that is the basis of many of their beautiful clothes.

They’re also passionate about creating a fair environment for their employees, which I love. I love super comfy hoodies.

About the writer

Hi! My name is Vicky; I’m a fashion designer, running enthusiast, and occasional model. Fashion and design are and will always be my passions and I also love sports. I run a small, independent fashion and lifestyle blog called Tees And Fears too.

Over to you: Talking eco-friendly activewear brands

Had you heard of these best eco-friendly activewear brands for women before?

Finally, aside from choosing clothes and makeup that are kind to the environment, what are some other ways to support the planet?

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