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Teaching Charity to Your Kids: 3 Worthy Reasons

Teaching charity to kids like this girl

As parents, it can be rewarding to teach your children about giving. Kids get to learn about helping others and giving from their parents and, once they do so, they feel a sense of empowerment in today’s uncertain world. One of the best ways that you can reinforce the values of charity in your kid is by making the act of giving a family activity. Motivate everyone in your family to participate in activities and praise them whenever they show empathy and generosity to those who are in need. For example, show them the website Yad Ezra V’Shulamit to help them learn ways to make donations. Below are 3 great reasons why teaching charity to your kids is important.

1. Instills the Virtue of Empathy

Empathy is a virtue that’s innate, yes, but it is helpful to nurture it. If kids felt empathetic toward those who are the less fortunate than themselves, the world could certainly be a better place to live in for everyone.

Once you teach them how and why they ought to show empathy, your kids will realize that it is not only when you experience personal tragedy that you should be compassionate to others. Thus, teaching charity to kids can strengthen empathy.

There are several professions, such as nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists, who require a sense of empathy. As well as preparing them for noble careers like those, you as a parent are also helping your children develop a virtue that will strengthen relationships throughout their lives.

2. Kids’ Minds are Like Sponges

The brain of a child is different than an adult’s when it comes to learning. Between birth and age 6, the average youngster absorbs huge amounts of info around them. Their minds are like sponges, soaking up what’s in their environment.

Thus, when you expose your kids to various charities from a very early age, they’ll learn a lot about different people and experiences in this world. Kids will learn that there is always someone who is not as fortunate as them and hence will adapt the feeling of gratefulness. Children will learn to appreciate what they achieve in their lives as they gain independence over the years.

3. Teaching Charity Also Teaches Money Management

When teaching charity to kids, parents are encouraging certain skills in the youngsters at the same time. For example, children must decide the percentage of money to donate; in turn, they get a sense of money management.

As they start to learn how to separate money for donations, kids will also likely have to calculate:

  • Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Decimals

Thus, the kids are learning math management skills, in addition to what you teach them about money. As they physically handle their money, they can do math and figure out the amount to go into different accounts, including putting some aside for donation purposes.

Start Teaching Charity to Kids Today

Therefore, now that you know the many benefits of teaching charity, why not start having conversations with your children about the importance of giving? It doesn’t have to be a long or in-depth discussion; instead, just start to put the idea out there. Many organizations could really use donations of any size. Introduce them to a local charity today.

Are there other benefits of teaching charity to kids? What are other important talks to have with your kids while they’re young?

27 thoughts on “Teaching Charity to Your Kids: 3 Worthy Reasons”

  1. Wonderful post, Christy. I’m always amazed at how naturally empathic and generous kids are. Nurturing and guiding that wonderful characteristic is wonderful for children’s sense of worth as well as for the world. :-)

  2. This is such an important thing to teach children, and hopefully, it will follow them into how they lead their lives as adults. Volunteering is also a way to help further the cause of many charities. Most of them could not operate, or operate as efficiently, without the help of volunteers. Good post, Christy!

    1. Yes, volunteering is a great way to involve kids in the community and start to help others. Thanks for sharing great points here, Peggy!

  3. Amen! There are few things more valuable in this life than teaching children to love, honor, respect and give to others. Empathy has become very absent in our world and we need to take measures to ensure it doesn’t go extinct in future generations!

    I love your ideas and think they are perfect ways to be a great example for the kids. They really do live what they learn and will remember what they’re taught. When they learn to value giving, they will continue. A kind, open heart is absolutely the most beautiful and prized possession in this world! ♥ Thank you for bringing more awareness to this most critical topic. I’ll be sharing it on social media :)

    Have a beautiful day, Christy! ♥

    1. Oh Holly, thank you for the share and for the beautiful comment. Wow, your words go straight to my heart. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Cat Love :)

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