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3 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Life Better

Organize your life by keeping notes and calendars.

As a woman, it is simply assumed that you will be great at multi-tasking, but the reality is that not all women are blessed with that skill. If you often feel like chaos surrounds you, it might be time to think about some ways to organize your life better.

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Write Things Down

One of the most important things you must do to take more control over your day is to write down the important things that you need to remember. All-day every day we have hundreds of thoughts running through our heads and very few people have such stellar memories that they remember everything.

Thus, it’s inevitable that you will forget something if you don’t write things down. And when this happens, you will feel disappointed in yourself and have a lack of control over your life.

So, to help prevent that situation, take a small notepad with you or use a note-making app on your phone. It’s a key step toward your goal to organize your life.

By knowing that important things are written down, you will not have to constantly worry. It will also leave your mind free to be more present and appreciative of the present moment.

Organize your life better with notebooks

Want to Organize Your Life? Schedule Your Time

Part of being an adult is having numerous responsibilities, from looking after your home and caring for your children to taking the time to nurture relationships with a partner, friends, and family. Everyone needs a little help with juggling all of these things!

Use calendars to remember important dates, such as birthdays and any appointments for yourself and your family. Try to schedule your time so that you can organize things into either a morning or afternoon for efficiency. Doing so will allow you to make the most of any free time you may have.

In addition, most smartphones have apps that allow you to set reminders, so you can schedule anything from minor reminders, such as “take the garbage out,” to big reminders like “mom hospital appointment.” These notes can be a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything, all without constantly worrying. While you have a lot to do, you are allowed to relax in the knowledge you’re taking care of what’s necessary.

Another great way to make home management in particular easier is by using a Crestron home automation system. This allows you to control your heating, lighting, and other electronic devices remotely, just in case you forget to switch them off when leaving home. When you organize your life at home, you’ll feel like you can fully unwind there after a hectic day.


Have you ever heard the phrase “A tidy desk is a tidy mind”? Well, the same goes for every part of your life. From your home to your handbag, de-cluttering can really help to clear your mind.

To start, go through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t like or never use – donate those gently-used clothes! For example, organize your kitchen cupboards and throw out anything past its sell-by date.

Organize Your Life: It’s in Your Best Interests!

The benefits of a life with the organization are many, including leaving you feeling like a weight is off your shoulders. As an adult, you have responsibilities, whether you like it or not. So, rather than avoiding them and feeling guilty about it, take control. You will be surprised by how stress-free your life is. For more tips on how to reduce stress, read this.

What are some other ways to get more organized in life? How would you say you are doing when it comes to doing the tips mentioned above?

48 thoughts on “3 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Life Better”

  1. Great tips ,Christy! I have to say I use all of these. I have calendars on my phone, the fridge, and in my office to help keep track of things, and I’m planning to go through my closet this weekend.

  2. I’m a firm believer in scheduling one’s time. I started a writing accountability group for a handful of fellow writers on FB. They’ve all told me how specific I am in my weekly creative writing goals (which is five hours a week). My response what that if I give myself wiggle room, I will always wiggle. It’s better to block that time out and treat it like any other task in life that needs to get done.

    1. Yes, it’s about standing firm in what’s important to you. Like today I had limited time but gym was a priority and so I made sure I went there. You are staying on track with writing and that’s great to hear, Jeri xx

  3. Hi. Good suggestions. Decluttering is a good idea. It’s tempting to buy all kinds of things, but usually you don’t really need most of them. A lot of people, including me, have too much stuff!
    Take care.


  4. I’m onto all this! YET….. with one creative project, it’s helter skelter around here.
    I want to get rid of clutter, but it’s all books and art. I could get rid of the cat toys, but it wouldn’t make much difference, and the cats would be mad at me! :D Have a Fun Sun day!

    1. Creativity can take over, by the sounds of it, and when it’s the focus then cleaning house isn’t in the cards ;) I get it! Noooo keep the cat toys ok, send ’em over if you don’t want them anymore haha

  5. I’m a TO Do list person. With my field of work, I use my Planner and write things a week ahead and note down minor items as I go on a daily basis. If things aren’t accomplished, I move them to the next day. Calendar also helps even with organizing appointments and meetings. I applied this with our family wherein we share a Family ICal with my husband. In that way, we both get reminders of things coming up.

    1. Yes I’m the same where I move tasks to the next day if they didn’t get done today. Cool that you and hubby sync your calendars – that would totally make things easier to coordinate. Great tip!

  6. I write everything down, and rely a lot on to-do lists. It frustrates me that I can’t organise myself and plan so much anymore because my health is so unpredictable, but if you can schedule things it can often help with organising. And yes, decluttering really does help you mentally feel more prepared and gives you a sense of clarity rather than overwhelm! xx

  7. Melissa Seifrit

    Admittedly sometimes my lists have lists. And I absolutely agree that a tidy desk makes one feel like the chaos is controlled. In my opinion.

  8. Graciela Sholander

    I’m definitely a list writer, Christy! Otherwise I’d forget so much! The next thing I need to tackle is decluttering. Great article :) Have a beautiful day! <3

    1. I find it hard to declutter Graciela when it comes to books – I can’t seem to part with them!! I am glad you like lists like me, another thing we have in common :)

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